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  1. The Definitive Front Bumper Thread

    Any recommendations for a stubby that will accept the Rubicon Fog lights without having to buy adapters or other fog light housings?
  2. Gladiator vs Tacoma IMO

    I owned a 98 Tacoma prerunner, and a 21 TRD off-road. Loved the 98. Absolutely hated the way the 21 drove. Gear hunts like a mother effer. I even regeared with 5.29, and got a tune. Was still underwhelmed. I can't knock their durability. But I just hated driving the damned thing, and it got...
  3. Potential Owner

    Agree with above. Just be AWARE: The cold weather package DOES NOT come with the block heater anymore. That is a separate option.
  4. High Altitude with aftermarket AT Tires & ACC vs factory stock Rubicon or Mojave (my first Gladiator)

    Spicy, As far as The FCA blindspot monitors, my most recent experience was on a 2014 Ram Laramie. Awesome truck with a high end SUV quality ride and package. My other most recent experience was a 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid. Driving in cold, slushy conditions, or during snow, they would ice...
  5. Diesel Performance

    It's not about "blowing the doors off". It's about climbing shitty terrain off-road effortlessly, without revving the snot out of gas engine to get over obstacles. And then cruising home at 80mph on the highway at 2000rpm.
  6. High Altitude with aftermarket AT Tires & ACC vs factory stock Rubicon or Mojave (my first Gladiator)

    Blind spot sensors are a pain in the ass for trailering, or if you ever drive in snow, where they can ice over. I liked ACC and blind spot monitoring on other vehicles, but honestly with my Rubicon, I don't want, or need them. I find myself doing more off-road because it is fun, and the Rubicon...
  7. Gorilla Glass pure snake oil

    I took a big chunk of asphalt from a horse trailer that just couldn't stay in his lane and kept hitting the soft shoulder. All I got was a tiny chip. No crack. Would have shattered a normal windshield. It's harder to break than normal glass, but it isn't indestructible. Overall, I'm OK with it...
  8. Ram ending 2023 EcoDiesel V6 as of Jan 2023. Does this spell end of the EcoDiesel Gladiator? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    More reason to DELETE all that emissions bullshit as soon as I get it paid off. That engine and transmission will last a long time without all that crap.
  9. So why do people like roof top tents

    I know it's an old thread, but... I love my Skycamp Mini. I have slept in truck beds with hard top, Softopper, ground tents, and hardshell Rooftop tents. The RTT is the most comfortable option, and I don't have to rearrange any cargo I may be hauling in the bed. A lot drier than the ground in a...
  10. So why do people like roof top tents

    "Overland AF". That should be a T-shirt, or bumpersticker...
  11. Interior Lights

    Preface by saying that I have searched for this topic, and couldn't find anything. Is there anyway to disable the interior lights coming on when you open the doors? It's annoying, and attracts a ton of bugs. Seems like most other vehicles have a switch for this, but I could not find one, or find...