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  1. Solved: Bed Outlet dash switch blinks but outlet does not turn on

    Glad it worked out! Just think it was something that was rushed at factory.
  2. Solved: Bed Outlet dash switch blinks but outlet does not turn on

    Did you get it like that from factory or install it yourself? If it was from factory id check under the right side of the bed where the jumper cable attached to the outlet itself and make sure all connections are secure. If you installed it yourself and used a Tazer or JSCAN to engage it...
  3. North Carolina Rubicon Suspension Take-offs. $250.00

    Price changed to $250.00. Would like to see it go for the needed garage space!
  4. Possible tire scam? maxxis razr mt

    Must have been a quick deal, im showing 390.00 per tire now from the link that was given.
  5. North Carolina Free plastic cover from Steel Bumper

    It would have to be Monday, but I could always check.
  6. Maximum spare tire size under bed?

    I fit a 35 no issue. Some say they can squeeze a 37 with slight bending of the metal shield under there.
  7. Mopar Beadlock Wheel - new style

    Not a bad looking wheel. Here is a link to the picture and whole sale price.
  8. No inverter due to Jeep deleting it

    So I have a question. The guy who I sold my old wheels and Tires to has a HA edition. On the back of his console there was a plate where my plug outlet is on my JRT. He is thinking about installing the components for a bed outlet as well. When he got some and pulled the blank plate from...
  9. Back up lights

    Yeah I was freaking out the other week when I updated and reinstalled the tazer. Had to look at the manual to figure out what was happening. Now that I know how to turn it off it has come in handy a couple of times.
  10. No plastic cover on my 3.6L

    If it wasnt for Simple Green and Pine oil the Army wouldnt operate.
  11. Chick-fil-A employee called a hero for tackling a carjacker outside restaurant.

    So you are saying not only do I get unlimited sauce packets, but also my own anti theft human? #1 spicy coming your way!
  12. What do you guys use to touch up underneath jeep

    I use VHT. Autozone is about 6 dollars cheaper than Amazon, but this is a link to reference what it looks like...
  13. Gladiator fuel overflowing.

    I'm that person that listens to the sound of the fuel going in and stopping it as soon as it makes that "I'm about to overflow" sound. I have not been to a single pump station that has a nozzle that stops when it should. I know its 100 percent the Jeeps fault, but at this point I have gotten...
  14. MOPAR A-Pillar bracket side light.

    The only downside to these are the fact they would be blocked by the mopar A pillar light bracket. I do think they are premium, but im a MOPAR or NOCAR kinda guy and will stick to the Jeep mounts.
  15. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    For those that want a red dash there is a company Ive done several transactions with in Boone, NC that does amazing conversions of jeeps and takes off brand new parts from stock vehicles and sells them. Here is a link for the dash...
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    If you have the 115v 400W power outlet inside the jeep it is as simple as buying these parts below and youtubing the install. 1.) Headlamp Switch bezel - 6NU24TX7AB 2.) Inverter Switch - 68370049AA 3.) Jumper Wiring - 68398209AB 4.) Inverter Power outlet - 68312754AC 5.) Tapping Pan Head...
  17. Does the spare tire have a TPMS??

    As is the spare on steel wheel does not have a TPMS. When people say they do the 5 tire rotation I would say its still picking up the rotated tire with one of the TPMS sensors. When I took my stock wheels off and loaded them in the back of the truck (with TPMS) and tires I put on had no TPMS...
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    There are tons of threads on here with part numbers, install instructions and what is required to make it work.