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  1. How do you negotiate?

    Use Jedi mind tricks. Works evertime. "You will sell me this JTR for $40000 OTD" "These are not the droids you are looking for"
  2. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    I'm guessing... $20 Illegal aliens defense fee. $20 Illegal aliens housing fee. $20 Illegal aliens medical fee. $20 Illegal aliens divers license fee. $20 Norcal fire fee (which I would gladly donate)
  3. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    I find it interesting that the Hollister event is $199 where the other two are $99. California gets price gouged again.
  4. Finally finished my hoist, what’s your setup?

    First I tested the lift by letting the kids swing on it. (Figured they're cheaper to fix then the top) Then lifted the top.
  5. Zautomotive Front Camera Install

    I looking at putting a couple of cameras underneath, probably attached to the top of both diffs. Also a couple of cameras for the sides of the truck. Not sure where yet.
  6. 4 or 5 wheel purchase

    If your wheeling your rig on a regular basis then 5 wheels would be best. If you get a puncture you can’t fix on the trail you can swap and Carry on. If you just drive around town or fire roads then you could get away with the stock spare until you can repair or replace the larger tire.
  7. Trading gas for diesel

    I agree. My sights were on the diesel at one time, but now I think the hybrid is the way to go. Instant torque, good gas mileage, Ok E range (25 miles) that errands around town wouldn’t use any gas. Also me coming from a performance turbo shop would tune the engine for more boost (power).
  8. Zautomotive Front Camera Install

    It will. I’m trying to come up with a switch so I can have multiple cameras work off the “cargo cam” input.
  9. What is this button?

    It’s a one minute countdown timer to self destruct. Hence the clock and Jeep symbol.
  10. Best dash cam that records on motion when your not in the gladiator.

    I also have the Thinkware U1000 4k dual channel. Good camera system. I’m hoping they release the 4channel system they prototyped last year.
  11. Patagonia Tread Tearing Off

    I also believe in everything I read on the Internet (Because I wrote it)
  12. Has anyone done the Rubicon Trail? I have a question.

    That’s awesome, but the JTR is an aircraft carrier compared to a destroyer. Lol
  13. Has anyone done the Rubicon Trail? I have a question.

    Was planning on doing the Rubicon trail this year but my tent and wheels haven’t come in yet. So to better prepared myself. I’m looking for advise. Will my JTR with a 3.5 inch lift on 35 inch tires make it through ok? I have full skid plates, 12000 Warn Zeon winch, snatch blocks, Radflo Hydra...
  14. CarPlay motion restriction work around yet?

    The Tazer does nothing for connected devices such as IPhones or Android phones. But as you mentioned It does free up the keyboard on the Uconnect navigation while in motion.
  15. Air Compressors

    I mounted in the same position, also added a 1 gallon auxiliary tank under the brake booster. No issues with heat. But the hood lining touches the pump a little.
  16. CarPlay motion restriction work around yet?

    Strange, when I use Apple CarPlay I can enter addresses while in motion, But when I use Android Auto it locks everything up. Cannot enter addresses while in motion.
  17. Dunked my key fob yesterday

    I have done this. Went rafting with the kids. Normally I keep my keys in a Pelican waterproof case but forgot to bring it. Hit a rock and we all got dumped out of the raft. Took about a minute to get out of the water. Shook off what water I could from the fob. Car started fine. But I was...
  18. Best jack for trail running

    Although I like the Pro Eagle jack it takes up too much space to me. I went with the Radflo Hydra jack. Performs like the ARB but is serviceable and cheaper.
  19. Zautomotive Front Camera Install

    Very nice instructional video.
  20. Blown engine under 12K miles

    Pics or it didn’t happen. But really that would suck.