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  1. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojave's

    I assume your seats were aftermarket to get that color and stitching? Katzkin or Was it an issue to get the Mojave seat recovered considering the Mojave seats are slightly different than other Gladiator seats (more bolstered)?
  2. Aftermarket Soft top?

    Lee, Bestop has the fabric to make color options (based on options for the JK) and has the template for the JT (even with the controversial man bun design), so how hard can it be to offer a tan (and other colors) option? Thank you for asking.
  3. Rust protection

    This is a great vid comparing products:
  4. {CLOSED} GIVEAWAY: 1-Minute Entry to Win Gift Card $$$

    Name her 'Beamer' for her beams of light.
  5. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    Mojave also comes with 4:10 gear ratio,
  6. Aftermarket Soft top?

    COLOR OPTIONS! Please.
  7. Mojave Lift Options

    I don't understand why anyone would buy the Mojave and then remove the high-end, expensive features that they just paid for that make it a Mojave? Maybe people are joking about tearing apart their Mojaves and I'm not picking up the humor?
  8. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    Where did you get the photos of the Sarge color?
  9. Mojave Lift Options

    Anyone considering a Mojave is likely not looking for the ultimate rock crawler. That is the job of the Rubicon. I'm considering a Mojave for overlanding and to absorb Michigan's gutted roads (worse than any desert whoops). The attraction is the suspension, stronger frame and axles, and a few...
  10. Aluminium Steering Parts

    Mojave has cast iron knuckles.
  11. New Jeep Grand Wagoneer is...........meh.

    Just revealed Grand Wagoneer concept looks like it could have been built by any company. Not Jeepy enough. Not Grand Wagoneery enough. Beltline way to high. Rear looks like a minivan. More screens than my local chain movie theater and luxurious, but not really an homage to the classic. They just...
  12. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Official Specs & Info. Sarge, Nacho & Gecko Colors Added

    This comment pisses me off for some unknown reason.
  13. Future Engine for the Gladiator....guesses

    Turbo inline straight 6 has been under development by FCA for a few years now. 3 liters.
  14. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    Thank you! But try selecting Snazzberry as the color when building a Mojave - the site suddenly converts your build from a Gladiator to a two-door Wrangler! Obviously still a few bugs in the conversion to 2021!
  15. Gobi Mojave next to Gobi Sport side by side comparison look

    I hate the Mojave hood. Love everything about the Mojave edition except the hood. I know, I know - everyone else LOVES the Mojave hood. And it does look cool. But I have some sort of weird, "principled" hangup about fakeness in design. I hate fake hood scoops on cars, fake engine noises pumped...
  16. Newbie Here - About to Pull The Trigger on a Mojave and Getting a Shiver

    Not JT specific, but I currently have 60,000 miles on my 2016 Jeep Cherokee. I had to replace the battery once (thanks a LOT, 'start-stop' feature), but zero other issues. I plan on buying a JT and keeping it forever. But I don't care as much about hyper-reliability or I'd buy a civic or...
  17. Porcupines eating my Gladiator !

    Porcupines eating your Jeep? Yeah, we've all been there....
  18. Hello from Michigan << PureMichigan >>

    I also live in Macomb Township (near 21 & Card). No JT yet - but hopefully soon!
  19. Stock Mojave suspension vs Sport S Max Tow with Mopar lift: which "drives" better

    Considering either a Mojave or Max Tow. About $8k difference (as I'd spec them). Would lift the Max Tow by 2" to add 35" tires, but could live with Mojave's 1" lift for added 35" tires. One factor I don't know is what the difference between ON ROAD drive quality would be between the Mojave vs...