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  1. 35" Spare Adventure

    After a lot of false starts I got my 35" tire to fit perfectly under the truck. I'm sure I would have saved a few hours of bs fu##ery if I had just searched the forum. But in case you're planning on mounting a larger spare with an aftermarket wheel under the truck, be sure to measure the size of...
  2. EAG Tube Doors

    I've been driving with these for several months now and I do like them. Still don't like the mirrors but I got used to them. Here's a quick review I posted on YT: also a quick video on just using tube doors in general:
  3. K&N filter

    Funny this thread came up again. If you don't follow "Project Farm" on youtube you really should. He did a review of filters and I think what you'll learn will surprise you no matter which side of the K&N debate you're on. Here's the video:
  4. Valve stem fell into the tire

    Tire was low on air and I tried to fill it at gas station. When I tried to push the nozzle onto the valve stem, the whole thing fell into the tire. Instantly flattening the tire. These are 35" tires on aftermarket wheels that the dealer had put on the car. My question is, is this some sort of...
  5. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    Okay, so I went out and swapped the wedge from passenger to driver and it did make things a bit better. Still needs more, but it's tolerable now. I still stand by my earlier statement that the quality of the mirror assembly is far inferior to the quality of the doors. And, it would have helped...
  6. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    Which side did you use the wedge on? I used it on the passenger cause it was pointing it really badly, but I'm thinking of putting it on the driver side. The solution would be to send me two thicker wedges with longer bolts so I can make the setup work. I've stopped the wobbling in the mirrors...
  7. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    Okay so there must be two sets of mirrors in production. Mine have two positive stops. One shows me the inside of the cabin, and the next one is so far out that I can't even see the mirror. Additionally they're super cheap plastic and I had to file the metal studs inside the housing just to get...
  8. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    I did the same and honestly I really hate the mirrors. I ordered this set because it came with mirrors and they're all but useless. I have a video that I have to edit before I post but doors are great, mirrors are junk.
  9. K&N filter

    It's funny how everyone shits on K&N filters. Every single car forum I'm on, same story. It's to the point where the people chiming in on them haven't actually tried their products in 10+ years. I've had nothing but good experiences on my cars and bikes with K&N filters. But then I live in Socal...
  10. SoCal Dealer Recommendations

    That's awesome. Congratulations. 12% is pretty good if you ask me. btw, I was going to echo what you said in your original recap that Huntington was by far the worst and salesiest dealership I talked to. Lot of bate an switch and not an honest word spoken. I ended up having to block the guy's...
  11. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Woh! $71370 Sticker? Did it come with a ton of addon?s I would ask for at least 10% off of sticker right now, if not more.
  12. SoCal Dealer Recommendations

    Well that was quick! Congrats! What did you end up getting? What kind of discount were you able to work out?
  13. Holcomb or John Bull Sunday 19th?

    I'm interested in the next run, keep me posted please
  14. SoCal Dealer Recommendations

    Have you tried Orange Coast? I bought my LE there when it first launched and even then they gave me a pretty good discount. I can't imagine they wouldn't give you a great deal now. I worked out my deal over the phone on a Rubi, and then went there and made a slightly better deal on an LE with a...
  15. Mopar Catback Exhaust on JT

    Awesome, I was hoping to DIY it, but I'll check pricing and see what they say.
  16. Spidershade questions

    Looked on their site and they have very few photos so I'd thought I'd asK: - is it required to remove the front windshield to do the install? What if I just wanted to remove the shades for a day? Do I have to remove the windshield to do that? or is it just for the initial install process? -...
  17. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    Just ordered these off of Amazon for $369. Can't wait.
  18. Mopar Catback Exhaust on JT

    Anyone know if this is an easy DIY? How many hours? Also, is it possible to get this part in CA?
  19. My obligatory 6 month review

    Haha, yeah, TL;DR. Best truck ever!
  20. My obligatory 6 month review

    Happy to do my part :)