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  1. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    They have a video of the install on their YouTube page. They recommended 2 guys to build it, 4 to install (but I could see two stronger guys doing it ok). Just 4 helps you stabilize it better. I like the rack they offer than swings down (SmartRack). Wish they had a video on that!
  2. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    Thank you! That helps! Appreciate the info!
  3. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    Can you share more about how you keep dust out? My biggest gripe with my Leer on my Gen 1 Tundra is that dust and water work their way in. I've reduced it greatly through copious amounts of strategically place foam, but am curious to see how you all do it. You mention that it is easy to take...
  4. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    That RSI Cap seems intriguing. I like how they allow you to configure the window setup to fit your needs. Look forward to hearing some real world feedback on them come fall.
  5. Rubicon Suspension Details?

    The OEM Rubicon Fox shocks, any details on these? Can they be tuned for better performance? Or, is it better to just replace / upgrade? I'm thinking I'll be fine with 33s the more I think about it, just want as good a ride as possible on and off road. Thanks!
  6. Rubicon Suspension Details?

    Can anyone point me to a detailed dive into the stock suspension on the Rubicon model? What are the pros and cons of the Rubicon suspension package? I come from a Toyota background and added King Coilovers on the front, upgraded Bilsteins on the rear, and then some "add a leafs" to my Gen 1...
  7. 2021 Gladiator Pricing Worksheet - Google Sheets

    How hard was the install? Appreciate the info
  8. 2021 Gladiator Pricing Worksheet - Google Sheets

    What exactly is deal on the (CHD) Hardtop Headliner option? I asked a sales person about it and it was like deer in the headlights.. Frustrating... On Jeep's site it states: "The insulating hardtop headliner helps keep interior temperatures down in the summer and up in the winter and...