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  1. Florida Rugged Ridge Trail Mirrors for JT/JL

  2. Mirror Movers

    Hopefully nobody else bought these mirrors. They are garbage and will not stay put at highway speeds or windy conditions. If you buy this style go for the mopar not aftermarket.

    I got one very similar in my driveway :rock:.
  4. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    So you are going from one new vehicle that pulls most elements from the tried & true wrangler platform to a fully new developed vehicle and expect no issue? Good luck.
  5. Sunbonnet

    My only complaint with the @Bestop one is they claim it can be left in place while you put the freedom tops back on and that is completely false. A bit annoying that you have to take it on and off frequently.
  6. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    You sir are much more patient than me.. im tapping out!
  7. Sunbonnet

    Bestop makes a targa sun shade for when the freedom panels are removed
  8. Extended Warranty Pricing & Deals

    It just has to be purchased before the 3/36k factory warranty runs out. I usually buy mine around the 12k mark. The longer you wait, the price goes up i believe.
  9. Extended warranty... who’s getting them, and how much?.

    the good thing about direct FCA warranties is if you never use them then they are prorated and you get a refund when you trade or sell the vehicle.
  10. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    You need to read the codes before you decide to drive 400 miles with the CEL on. This light can come on for a multitude of issues and some should not be driven.
  11. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Please follow the instructions and post the exact build date :headbang:
  12. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    I have several post here explaining this with pictures and people still can seem to figure it out. I'm seriously thinking that this survey is just a lost cause at this point. You can lead a horse to water..... :facepalm: :headbang:
  13. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    my completed overlanding set up. At some point, when I have a minute I will list out everything in my set up. I'm pretty efficient and able to get everything needed in the back seat area for at least a 1 week overlanding trip. My bed is reserved just for the dogs so none of my setup goes in the bed.
  14. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    After a summer of camping, none of these issues ever happened. The water actually was always much cooler than I would actually want but it worked perfectly.
  15. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    So after a summer of camping and even in Temps up to 100 degrees the water never got over 80 degrees and as soon as the sun went down it cooled off quite fast. I was actually surprised it did not reach warmer temps. Even a bit disappointing actually, either way its handy to shower off even if...
  16. Camping with your Gladiator

    Lots of places for camping in the PNW
  17. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Please don't be asking to post build dates here until @rmerkushen knows for a fact he is having the misfire issue.
  18. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Lets refrain from posting here until you infact know your CEL is related to the misfire, but feel free to browse. This is not a random thread and we are looking for solutions for a specific problem. Thank you.