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  1. Factory V8

    Yes, both the 2.7 and the 3.5 I have. Raptors have the HO 3.5. Not big turbos but there are 2 of them. Wife will be getting the 2.7 in her Bronco bc I cant stand the 3.6 in her grand cherokee out here at higher elevation.
  2. So, what is everybody towing?

    Yeah Im pretty familiar with them. Have one in my f150 and the redarc tow pro elite in the wife’s GC. If you’ve never driven that stretch then you have no idea. Ive driven & towed through this stretch more times than I can count. You also have hurricane force winds at times. Ive also towed 15k...
  3. So, what is everybody towing?

    Let me know when you come out to Colorado and traveling I-70 west after the eisenhower tunnel so I can plan to stay off the interstate as its pushing you down the mountain and the winding decent lol.
  4. Trading gas for diesel

    My f150 supercrew w/ 3.5ecoboost when taking into account GVWR and the weight of my truck, its max towing is 10,400lbs.
  5. So, what is everybody towing?

    Which is why Im so hung up on the JTR diesel and its reduced payload bc getting the 3.6 isn't really an option for me and I want the rubicon lockers, discos etc. Within an hour drive I can climb 6500’ elevation and be sitting at 12k’ and 95% of my towing (even though the camper is 3400lbs...
  6. Factory V8

    Since others brought it up, I'd take my '17 f150 w/ 3.5 EB over a v8 any day out here in CO at high elevation and mountain passes. Even on heavy 35" MT, 6" lift it hauls ***, doesn't skip a beat and tows trailer up the passes in 8th gear just over 2k rpm.
  7. So, what is everybody towing?

    I was born/raised in OH myself, then spent 15yrs in FL and now live in CO, its like a whole different world out here! My drive to work alone has an elevation gain of 1200+ feet from my house.
  8. So, what is everybody towing?

    Yeah I was surprised to see how much my wife's GC trail hawk weighs.
  9. So, what is everybody towing?

    I lived in FL for 15yrs, their steepest incline is an entry ramp onto the interstate or the Sunshine Skyway bridge.
  10. Trading gas for diesel

    I dont know where everyone lives but this is and has been a regular daily occurrence in the area I live just north of Denver, at least since March if not earlier. I wouldnt be buying a diesel for cost savings but thought Id sage because people keep saying diesel is more than gas but I haven't...
  11. Progress of building and delivering the Eco-Diesel

    My issue isnt the towing capacity but the payload capacity since almost 1/2 of the amount (400lbs of that) would be trailer tongue weight. Doesn't leave me with much left.
  12. 2021 Gladiator EcoDiesel Official EPA MPG and towing capacity

    Outside Denver I have a 6% climb just going to my exit for work at 6300’, thats at the bottom of the initial climb. Several areas beyond that continue to be 6-7% grade climbs up to elevations of 10-11k’ with sharp turns.
  13. 2021 Gladiator EcoDiesel Official EPA MPG and towing capacity

    No s***, like I said in my previous post, I was commenting on the comment who was saying a 5-6klb vehicle couldnt tow more than the gladiator due to vehicle weight. My supercrew f150 with ford’s max tow package, 3.5EB, HD brake package (which falls in that weight range) can safely tow and stop a...
  14. 2021 Gladiator EcoDiesel Official EPA MPG and towing capacity

    I was referencing the guy who made the comment that a 5-6k vehicle cant tow more than the gladiator can as its limited due to weight of the vehicle. And well my f150 supercrew only weighs 5700lbs and can definitely safely tow and stop a trailer more than 7,650lbs. And we know the diesel...
  15. Skid Plate/Slider Issues with the EcoDiesel

    Let's hope as you can afford the diminished payload that's already significantly lower than the 3.6 JTR since the skids, bumpers, winch, larger spare tire, etc. adds up quick.
  16. Progress of building and delivering the Eco-Diesel

    Tow capacity = Calculation of GCWR less curb weight? Payload capacity = Calculation of GVWR less curb weight? Or are you using a calculation of GAWR (front) + GAWR (rear) less curb weight to get your payload?
  17. Progress of building and delivering the Eco-Diesel

    Not even a steel bumper and you’re at 977? So add another 60lbs for that and sitting around 917:( so in my case, as Id be same specs but with steel bumper= 917 payload-400tongue weight-300 (2 adults)-140 (2 large dogs)-100 winch/plate=83lbs over max payload and thats not including larger spare...
  18. Anyone tow a offroad/adv/camper trailer with the tailgate down?

    Even with the extended drawbar, I think a climb like this may be a challenge with the tailgate down :)