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  1. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    Spreadsheet updated (see note at top of first post).
  2. Manual Transmission Club

    Check this guy out on Etsy:
  3. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    Typically, I’ll wait until @JAY posts the monthly order update (which just went live the other day). Give me a couple of days to go through it and see if there are any other changes. Happy Turkey Day!
  4. Below Invoice Discussion @ Motor Inn of Spirit Lake

    @TylereWithAnE @busstees you guys were able to order a sport with the 8.4 radio? If so, this must be new.
  5. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    For those still following this thread, I've updated the original post and included a new spreadsheet
  6. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    If there was a change I missed, let me know and I’ll update the sheets. I didn’t lock any of the cells or formulas so that the file could be edited/customized by anyone who downloads it.
  7. Manual Transmission Club

    To pass the time (skip to 12:24 for the good stuff):
  8. Manual Transmission Club

    Post by @Phatjoe
  9. Trail mishap

    maybe this one from a few months ago?
  10. 2021 Gladiator Pricing Worksheet - Google Sheets

    @eternus - appreciate the consistent tags! I'm happy to quote your efforts in my original post if you don't want to add/maintain another thread.
  11. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    @eternus Excel is my preferred program. I update the document as announcements are made or if there is a good recommendation from the community. Google Sheets is also a great spreadsheet, but to each their own.
  12. Gladiator with Manual Transmission

    New video from Redline Reviews
  13. License plate suggestions

    My earlier suggestion in the custom plates thread:
  14. Sport S with Max Tow

    New review on YouTube of a Sport S with Max Tow and Soft Top:
  15. Custom plates

    Seems appropriate.
  16. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    At Bonneville and Son.
  17. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Overland and Rubicon at Foss Motors in Exeter, NH
  18. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    Community based update posted! RT
  19. Gladiator Pricing Calculator WorkSheet

    Appreciate the kind words! Are you using the most recent version? I typically edit the first post with a date/description then upload a new copy of the spreadsheet. The newest version now includes a payment calculator for each trim. I can’t seem to replicate the bug you’re seeing.
  20. Jeep Gladiator Reviews Compilation

    @JAY One of my personal favorite YouTube channels The Straight Pipes just dropped their video from the launch event. This ones a little unique as they start off in a base model as compared to almost every other reviewer in an Overland or Rubicon.