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  1. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Did you have to add spacers to accommodate the large tires on Mopar wheels? Nice rig!
  2. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    Thanks for taking the pictures. That doesn’t look like they stick out too badly. So far the highest offset wheel I have found is made by AEV, but it’s more of a traditional spoked design. Decisions, decisions! I may just hold off for a bit and keep it stock.
  3. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    Pics would be great. I would appreciate it. I’m disappointed to hear about the spray, but if all of the wheels I’m considering stick out, maybe I just need to decide on a set and deal with it.
  4. GlacierGladiator's Wayout Gladiator build

    Nice build. How much poke are you seeing with those wheels and tires? I like those Analogs and a couple of the Black Rhino offerings, but I am looking for the tires to be largely tucked under the flares. Would it be possible to see a view from the front and back?