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  1. BlackFriday + CyberMonday deals thread

    No. Their prices were updated this morning. I order mine as well but from Northridge. I had some discounts from them so it was still cheaper than DD.
  2. Can the dealer disable license plate lights in reverse?

    I also believe this is one of the live functions of the tazer. So I don't believe it works without the tazer plugged in.
  3. Running 40's

    Forgot to add earlier that I run around 30-32 psi for even wear across the tires. It is surprising how well it rides on 40's. I am also on about 3.5" lift with split rubicon fender flare
  4. Running 40's

    I am running 40" trail grapplers and tank beadlocks. I put 8oz of airsoft pellets in each tire when assembling the beadlocks. This method is more of an active balancing. There will be times the feel unbalanced until the beads move around to balance the tires. There is also the problem of...
  5. TPMS when you air down

    Also when shut off and back on it will default to the tire pressure screen in the center cluster. I find this annoying and have to flip back to which ever screen I prefer. The tire pressure light on the tach will be on the whole time and flashes when restarted. I prefer to have my own on board...
  6. NEW! Elite Series JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator LED Headlights from Diode Dynamics

    Waiting for black friday deal. Wanting a set of the elite max lights.
  7. KMC wheel - any help appreciated

    Quick Google search turned up this.
  8. KMC wheel - any help appreciated

    KMC hex beadlock. Don't know if the are still producing that wheel though.
  9. Intermittent Rear Axle Lock

    I believe I saw in one of the other threads on this problem and they said the sensor was around $300. Drilling and potting the sensor is not hard. I used tape on a the drill bit as a drill stop to keep from drilling too deep. The z locker harness completely takes the sensor out of the system...
  10. Intermittent Rear Axle Lock

    I believe the dealership can now replace just the sensor instead of the whole axle. The z locker harness is still cheaper though and plug and play. You probably shouldn't pot the sensor after it already has oil intrusion. I potted mine per the JL forum instructions when doing my gear swap.
  11. 2Lo option?

    Yes it can be disabled and enabled with tazer but it is not an easy on off. You have to do a complete reset and key cycles after changing it. I wish they would make it on of the hot key features. I also have the 2lo shift fork in my old cherokee and it is awesome offroad to cruise in 2lo...
  12. Would you buy a Bestop soft top if available?

    I was in the same boat waiting for a tan bestop. I caved and bought a used factory soft top back in August. Definitely didn't want to pay full retail for the mopar soft top.
  13. Armorlite and sound assassin installation advice

    I would highly recommend removing the front seat entirely. Two electrical connectors and wire retainers under the seats. Makes the sound assassin install much easier. I agree with the above also re installing the lower trim is tough with the thicker Armorlite under them. When removing the...
  14. How to extract door closers from the doors??

    I tried this on one door once. I now I don't push them in the doors. Only that bolt to remove the door. I used a pair of vicegrips on the metal part to pull it out of the door though. Took quite a bit of force to pull it back out.
  15. Dickey Bell next weekend? (10/7 or 8)?

    I will be there next weekend with some friends. We normally rough camp along moccasin creek road.
  16. TPMS reset?

    My truck normally takes about 20 miles to relearn new sensors on my August 21 build. My latest set of 5 mopar sensors from rockauto i put in the new tires and I have 2 that won't read at all. I have tried all different pressures and it seems the sensors won't "wake up".
  17. Not thrilled with this Tazer thing....

    Is the Tazer updated to latest firmware? I started off with Jscan but ended up with a Tazer anyway for the rubicon locker and sway bar control.
  18. Manual Transmission Engine Braking Issue (?)

    I don't use the hill descent control because of all the noise from the abs motor. I manually shift the auto to hold gear. I recently just put the paddle shifters from the 392. I love the paddle shifters for manually controlling the gears offroad. I haven't noticed it with HDC but that system...
  19. Manual Transmission Engine Braking Issue (?)

    I have noticed it with offroad+ on and off. Maybe not as noticeable with the auto but still does it during engine braking offroad in low range. I just bring the RPM back down with brake application. It is annoying though! Another reason to not like electronic throttle bodies.
  20. Manual Transmission Engine Braking Issue (?)

    I have noticed this same issue with the auto engine braking offroad. I believe it has to do with the emissions and electronic throttle opening the blade slightly causing the increase in rpm's.