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  1. Hurricane I6 CRATE MOTOR announced

    What would my MPG be with this mod, would I need to re-gear? Thanks,
  2. Did I screw up and buy the wrong truck?

    From his comments below I would say he absolutely does not need 37" tires and re-gearing. Throw some 33" AT's on and enjoy the truck.
  3. Did I screw up and buy the wrong truck?

    As long as it has a Trail Rated badge you'll be fine. Just kidding, kind of... like everyone's saying, you'll be surprised how far 4WD and good tires take you... and although that badge doesn't mean it's a monster truck, pretty sure it needs to be able to do substantially more than forest roads...
  4. Backwards MPG?

    Yeah I’m seeing a couple threads I’m suspicious of that for, just created to generate site visits and interactions… there was another thread where someone was asking how to go off-roading and use their lockers and disco’s this weekend. Not that there’s anything wrong with not knowing that...
  5. Overland JT on 37’s

    Pretty tame as in not turning left or right? I have a two inch lift with 33” tires and have minor rubbing at full stuff with wheels fully turned… granted it’s when sway bars are disconnected. That setup there is a fully certified mall crawler, especially with the underwhelming stock shocks...
  6. Backwards MPG?

    Ditto what ShadowsPapa said... my best mileage of 22mpg is around 80km/hr(45-55mph), once I hit highway speeds I drop to around 20mpg, but can go as low as 16mpg if it's windy/hilly. I have 33" tires. If you have 33" or smaller, I'd be looking into it too, you should do better than 12-14mpg imo.
  7. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    I’m picking up what you’re laying down, I processed the decision the exact same way you did. Regardless of the trim I got I was planning on a small lift, different tires, as well as adding a winch. The lift would have disco sway bars, so although electric is handy, that feature was negated for...
  8. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    To be fair I did say upgrades that accomplish nothing...
  9. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    I'll sum up for everyone, you're welcome. Rubicon Most capable stock rig with disconnecting sway bar and front & rear locker Mohave Most overrated rig so you you can tell your buddy you have an upgraded trim but it actually accomplishes nothing and costs more Overland Best bang for your buck...
  10. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    Coming from a sxs and getting a truck as the replacement to use purposefully for offroading and camping, I test drove each trim other than the Mohave and tbh I was not overly impressed with any of the shocks, I thought they all lacked rebound specifically, but also compression. Rebound and...
  11. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    So to summarize, lockers are good for off-roading and make you more capable than non-lockers. But also non lockers can drive in dirt too.
  12. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    I agree, if you need lockers you’re probably past what the average person is willing to tackle. And if you’re in that scenario with a stock Rubi, you’re probably getting stuck anyway
  13. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    2” lift with disconnecting sway bars and tires and you’ll go as far/further than a stock rubicon. Bring your stock rubicon to a muddy trail that swallows up 40” builds and a locked rubicon will get stuck early in the trail with the other Gladiators. Do lockers make you more capable? Yes. Is a...
  14. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    No doubt, people with lockers and 40" tires get stuck all the time, a stock Rubicon with lockers probably isn't going much further than any other Gladiator in most scenarios... I agree, the enthusiasts that are actually tapping into that extra capability are probably few and far between...
  15. Gladiator vs Gladiator

    If you get an Overland and put $3k into it, you'll still have saved $7k and be more capable than a stock Rubicon or Mojave :LOL:
  16. Why no love for Duratracs?

    I'm curious to see if the performance drop is that aggressive with age, I've seen this mentioned a few times. If that's the case I will have to ditch them with our icy Canadian winters. I get people can just like a different tread design after a while, but I found in the ATV world, there were a...
  17. Why no love for Duratracs?

    That was my exact reason for going with them. I think they'd be a little better off-road than a lot of other less aggressive AT's like KO2's, but still not a pig on-road like a mud tire. They also got better snow reviews than most AT's
  18. Why no love for Duratracs?

    31 PSI seems to be working for me. That’s what they chalk tested at too. Dealer had them at about 38psi and I bounced around the road like I had steel tires.
  19. Traded JT for JL rubi with 2.0

    I can’t enough of the people putting 35” + tires on a 6 cylinder then complaining about power:CWL:. There’s many things to consider with bigger tires, a clumsy underpowered vehicle being one of them. And that’s a universal rule that applies to almost all vehicles I went to the swimming pool and...
  20. Why no love for Duratracs?

    I'm running them. So far so good. I'm actually surprised how quiet they are on road. Offroad, they rip into the dirt like tracks, tried to break them free a few times just messing around and they had too much traction, they just grab and sling you, so I quit doing that... I've crawled up 2-3'...