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  1. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    I have had mine a little over 3 weeks. I love this thing.
  2. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Mine didn’t come with a class 4 hitch.
  3. Let's see those Mojave's and Mods

    I just can’t understand why people want to change over $7k worth of suspensions components on a Mojave. Not sure what I am missing. I came from a lifted JKU and wanted to go to a Rubicon and 37s with a lift until I drove a Mojave. I will eventually go to 35s because you can with the suspension...
  4. Mopar tri fold hard bed cover

    I have this one also. How is yours with leaking? I have a small leak in the rear of the bed on drivers side. It’s not a lot of water but it bothers me that it is there. I also can close it with the tailgate closed, I have to close it then the tailgate. I adjusted it several times but this seems...
  5. Mojave Lift Options

    Starting to think companies like AEV are saying their kit won’t work is just them stepping up to the plate. having to modify a loft to work goes against all of the testing and design that goes into a lit, safety being one of them. I am not against modifying a Jeep and have been down that road...
  6. Swapping the Mojave plastic bumper with the Mopar steel bumper

    Does the eBay bumper offer options without sensor holes in the front? All I see is one with holes.
  7. Ceramic Coating

    Thoroughly pleased with this stuff! It turned out incredible. I had used Chemical Brothers and wasn’t very happy with it. Just a couple of sprays per panel and at $15.99 it will last a while.
  8. Mojave Lift Options

    Was torn between a Rubicon and a Mojave when I bought mine. After 7 years with a lifted JKU it was time to move on. Had planned on a Rubicon with 37s until I drove the Mojave. Went back and forth on it. In the end it was the ride and style of the Mojave that won me over. The ride is amazing on...
  9. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    I guess it could be leather. I assumed it was just soft plastic.
  10. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    Orange stitching.
  11. Mojave only Pic thread!

    Any problem with installing the steel bumper on the Mojave? thanks,
  12. Mojave only Pic thread!

    Picked up my Mojave 1 week ago today. Traded in my 2011 JKU that I had poured time and money into. Love this Jeep though