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  1. Pennsylvania Small trailer trailer for sale

    Small trailer built from a generator trailer into a yard cart, 3,000 pound capacity, springs were moved to top of axle , adjustable lunette for pintle hook, axle was narrowed to follow a JD 4100 tractor, inside bed measurements are 74.5” long by 32.5” wide, trailer is nine feet long from...
  2. Tennessee Redarc Install

    Msilva , I’ll take the tool if still avalible as it looks like I am giving up on the mopar cobtroller and will be going the same direction you did. I’ll cover the postage and some. ....jack
  3. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Who’s butt the guys kids friend’s mom? Really guys Jeeps have never won beauty contests as there really isn’t anything on all models of Jeeps from the CJ2A to JT that was not designed as functional need rather then looks. They are ugly functional vhehicles that’s inner beauty shows through...
  4. Maryland Looking for an off road utility trailer

    LANgeek, if my trailer would fit your needs we can work something out perhaps, your post promoted me to get it out take pictures and get on with selling it. Doesn’t fit your needs no problem I’ll post on marketplace here for a bit then go another route. I’m the Electrical Manager of a huge...
  5. The wait is killing me and taking up garage space

    I’m on week eight the Mojave is off the train at the trucking terminal since Monday, my Dealer has received two shipments from them of nine Gladiators since Monday but mine is still sitting there, dealer has no control at this point. My garage is not as full but wife asks what came today has...
  6. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Yup, I really can’t complain , I’m at around eight weeks right now, salesman had said 7-12 weeks. My Mojave was dropped at the yard on Monday with 50 other wranglers and gladiators, they have received shipments every day and have gotten nine Gladiators in two days. He has been calling and...
  7. Maryland Looking for an off road utility trailer

    Dimensions are 52” wide to outside of fenders, 9’ long from tailgate to hitch, bed is 74.5” long ibside, abd 42.5” wide inside neasurements......Jack
  8. Maryland Looking for an off road utility trailer

    Pictures, probably too small , but it’s an option.
  9. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Ordered my blue Mojave 7/17 , was built a while ago and dealer told me it shipped that’s where he lost track, so today while in my work truck I see gladiators being unloaded at the dealer and a blue one, quick turn around and pull in. Hooray....wait silver wheels ,scrambler stripe ,it’s a...
  10. Maryland Looking for an off road utility trailer

    I have a trailer ,I built from a small generator we discarded at work, bought it for $100, put wood plank floor in it, low sides about 12" on it, has 14" wheels and tires has trailer lighting, trailer was rated at 3,000 lbs, has an adjustable lunette for pintle hitch and crank jack stand, I had...
  11. Gladiator for my daughter - need help

    Rubicon cones in brown cloth also and Mojave comes in a light grey cloth. You were talking Candian amount , got it.
  12. Rubicon vs Mojave Photos

    Mojave hood and cowls are much higher and magnets stick to the Mohave hood, which I can’t confirm but it has been posted here some where. Nice pictires and nice jeeps!
  13. Gladiator for my daughter - need help

    Why are you saying $65,000? I just ordered a 2021 Mojave, with 4.10, leather, black hard top stickered at 55,900, got it for $52,000. Rubicon is also identical pricing. They both come with 33” tires and 35”’ fit no problem. Both can get black fenders. Price for Ruby and Mojave are around...
  14. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    NICE! I'm expecting one very soon, weird thing is I live twenty minutes from Port Clinton, Pa.........Jack
  15. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    I usually run my trucks about 8-9 years, but having a compnay work truck with personal use allowed my current truck can sit for weeks, I don't expect that with the Mojave, but in hindsight, I still regret trading in my 82 Scrambler after nine years, been having jeep envey since then as I have...
  16. Stock Jeep Support Group

    Eugene you said I was good, so the boxes showing for a Mojave in transit somewhere are not a problem....mud flaps for front, door sills, rsi cap (in october), yakima roof rack for surf rods and kayaks, Rustys control arm skid plates , front receiver hitch mounted surf rod cooler rack and the...
  17. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Snazz you are still patient my friend, that too will pass! Won’t be long your be checking the build sticker thread almost daily hoping your build starts, guy named Victory got his Mojave just the other day, he has been a couple days ahead of me the whole time, and Gladsd has been behind me...
  18. Patagonia Tread Tearing Off

    Was that tire like that when the discount tire store balanced the tires? They should not have let you leave, they should have warrantied the tire or denied it a abuse and sold you a tire or two? ......jack
  19. Lights and power in my ARE shell

    What is the hatch or vent in the ceiling of your cap! Very nice wiring job!....Jack
  20. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    Thanks Benny, that is good news at least there is some sense in the world , and Rubicon and Mojave both have same axle housing.....Jack