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  1. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    What about the cast iron steering knuckles? And whatever parts the use to be able to claim a "reinforced frame"?
  2. Water fording depth - Update

    Just a quick update on the breather project... I picked up about 20ft of 5/16" fuel line, and some 3/8 vacuum hose connectors from Auto Zone, and extended my breathers. I ran the T case breather back to the rear axle (too much going on with the trans, etc., to run it forward toward the engine...
  3. Water fording depth - Update

    That T-case breather is tough to get at! It feels like the hose is just press-fit onto a metal fitting coming out of the top... Did you just pull off the hose, and replace it by pressing on a longer 5/16" fuel line hose? If so, does the end cap just pull off the OE hose, and fit onto the new...
  4. Water fording depth - Update

    Thanks! This is definitely it...I traced it back to the top of the tranny.
  5. Water fording depth - Update

    Resurrecting this old thread rather than creating a new one, as it has a lot of good info in it.... On my JTR, I've located the OE breather tubes for the front and rear axles, as well as the Tcase... but I don't see anything for the 8AT transmission. I've seen some indicate that there's one...
  6. Factory trail camera install?

    It seems like the biggest challenge is getting the OE Mopar trail cam hooked up with all the proper wiring harnesses, etc. Has anyone checked to see if the OE Mopar trail cam can just connect to the aux cargo cam port? (like the ZAutomotive aftermarket cam does)
  7. Factory trail camera install?

    I have a Rubicon with LEDs, and adaptive cruise/crash avoidance, blind spot monitoring, etc...lemme know if there's anything I can check on that will help with your research. Looking forward to getting this sorted out and installing the trail cam on my JT as well!
  8. Factory trail camera install?

    Great job sorting this out so far! Looking forward to following in your footsteps on this....
  9. Trail Cam Dealer / aftermarket option?

    So they're available now? Did you by chance get s part number?
  10. Gladiators on Mopar 2" Lift Kit

    After looking through all the pics, I think 35s look perfect with the 2" Mopar lift. I think 37s would look better with a 3" lift, and 38s with a 3.5" or even 4".
  11. Gladiator Mopar 2" Lift Kit Now Available

    So the Fox shocks in the Mopar lift kit step up to 2.5" diameter??
  12. Car And Driver - Gladiator vs Colorado vs Ranger vs Ridgeline

    This review is bullshit. (Well, except for the Ford being last, of course!) The Honda is a unibody platform with a front-wheel drive layout (with AWD added to it). This is a completely different class of vehicle. And of course it has a well-laid out, spacious interior - it's intended to be...