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  1. Over Head speakers not working

    I just reread your post, and realized you said that the factory speakers still did not come back on when you hooked them back up. Have you gone through your radio settings to see if somehow the radio muted the rear speakers (adjusted the fade) when you took them out? I am not sure if the...
  2. Over Head speakers not working

    What I read is that the factory radio sends out a load test to the stock speakers, which delivers a certain resistance, and tells the radio to play music in those speakers. If you disconnect the speaker, it does not sense anything there, and therefore mutes those channels. Apparently, you need...
  3. Mojave Spring Rate and Bypass Zone

    Hello, I have asked in the past, and just hoping someone that knows finally reads. I am looking to add some bumpers and weight to the Mojave, but I want to keep it in the bypass zone for optimal on/offroad shock absorption. I have been trying to figure out the Mojave coil spring rate and...
  4. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    The Metalcloak tube fenders look great and are strong. Had them on my JKUR. Throw some Line-X on them for extra toughness.
  5. Gladiator Mojave Part Numbers # List

    You wouldn't happen to know the spring rate on the coils or the total travel on the shocks would you? Thanks.
  6. Extended warranty... who’s getting them, and how much?.

    My thinking is that by the time the warranty is up, my Jeep will mostly be aftermarket. If my engine goes, I may splurge for a Hemi. The good thing about a Jeep is that you always have a ton of parts available. If you want to keep it mostly stock, then it is probably not a bad decision.
  7. Need help on offset for my jeep gladiator

    I think the Mojaves are somewhere around 36 offset
  8. Black is played out, let's see some colored rims

    Let's see some rims with a tiny bit of orange to match the Mojave lettering
  9. Mojave Spring Rate?

    Quick Question. Does anyone know the spring rate for the Mojave coils? Or any way to find out? Thanks.
  10. Mojave Spacer Lift or Coil Springs?

    Hello, I have a Mojave, and am contemplating putting a steel bumper/winch on the front. I measured the height standing on the front bumper vs not, and with 195 lbs of weight on the front, it droops close to 1/2 inch. It is close to that in the back also, although a rear bumper would not weigh...
  11. Can I order the diesel in a gladiator Mojave?

    Not sure why you would anything less than a Hellephant ;)
  12. Which of these 4 different sliders would you pick or have on your Gladiator: And they offer rear quarter rockers.
  13. Which of these 4 different sliders would you pick or have on your Gladiator:

    I had the Metalcloak sliders on my JKUR. You can flip them down for a step and flip them up for a slider. Best of both worlds.
  14. Recommendation(s) for front bumper: it shouldn’t be this hard edition

    Here is the MetalCloak bumper minus the bar.
  15. Recommendation(s) for front bumper: it shouldn’t be this hard edition

    I had this one on my JKUR. Just get it without the bar. Bare-steel and line-x it. I guess it is not exactly full width though. The lines on this one are nice, but I am pretty sure it is not as great of quality...
  16. Is anybody happy with the new Gladiator

    I love mine. I am at 900 miles, just had the steering gear swapped today, and it now drives amazing. Before you buy it, make sure it has the new steering gear (Part ends in AA, and is black), rather than the old one (ends in AE and is silver).
  17. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I know other people have said this already, but I just have to reiterate it. I just got my JTM back from the dealer after having the new steering gear installed, and it drives amazing. No more slop in the steering wheel, and it actually tracks straight. Inputs are immediately felt at the...
  18. Mojave Suspension Geometry

    I was just wondering if anyone has had an alignment done on the Mojave, and checked to see if the geometry is kosher, since it sits 1 inch higher in the front. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to throw on some adjustable control arms, as my steering does not like to center itself after...
  19. Tube Doors recommendations?

    My friend's wife bought these for her husband for their anniversary. I really like how beefy they are. He had one issue with a weld breaking, but Quadratec sent him 2 brand new doors no questions asked...
  20. Military Members

    I played in the sands of Iraq back in 03/04 as a Heavy Machinegunner (CAAT) in the Marines. Great times and the friendships are still there. Wish I could have made a career out of it, but a couple of IED's said otherwise. S/F.