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  1. Jeep ADDAX Overland Trailer Announced

    Anyone else think they hear a rip-off of 'Thunderstruck' Maybe it's just me.
  2. JT Hardtop Roof Rattle

    I've owned a JL and now a JT and niether hard top/panels rattled or made any noises. It might be normal for the new Bronco but not on the JL/JT ;)
  3. OK4WD

    I know from watching Chris' videos for years that he goes to them for plenty of Jeep maintenance, repairs and new equipment. I think they are one of his sponsors too.
  4. 2023 build and price is up - Sticker shock!!

    My July 2020 sticker was $62,410 (PAID $56,506) There were still actually Mfr. discounts at the time. A 2022 online build price is now $70,185. I sure wouldn't pay 70k for the truck I have.
  5. That love child you don’t talk about…

    I'm a bit surprised to see that it's LHD
  6. Like the stock fob ain't big enough...

    Sorry to be off topic - would you mind telling me where to get that Diver bar for a key ring? Thanks
  7. Decked with a Diamond Back cover?

    If these dimensions are correct (12.19" H) that would leave about 5.3" to 5.8" clearance from the Decked surface to the underside of the Diamondback (depending what part of the DB your under).
  8. Soft or Hard Tonneau Cover?

    I've had my Diamondback for two years. They are expensive but durable and have excellent resale value. I often have expensive dive gear in the back and its nice to keep it locked and away from prying eyes. Mine's been through all kinds of rain and snow. It doesnt leak. With my Milwaukee, I...
  9. How long have you owned your Gladiator? Still Love it?

    25 months young and still feels like the honeymoon phase.
  10. If you could do it again... Gas or Diesel?

    Gas to gas for me. I don't need more power or longer range. Based on my purchase history Im 7- 8 years away from replacing my 2020. Maybe by then technology will have a quick charging, 1000km range EV Jeep... (real world range...driving hills, valleys in hot and very cold weather) Up here the...
  11. Good after market LED options?

    $1200 is the aftermarket Mopar OEM price in Canada. When I was choosing options in June 2020, the local dealer found 'my truck' at another nearby dealership exactly as I had spec'd except for the LED's. The LED's weren't a dealbreaker so I opted to accept the truck, delivered in 3 days...
  12. Good after market LED options?

    I have had Oracle Oculus lights for a bit over a year. They are very bright and have an extremely sharp cut-off line that honestly, takes a little getting used to. Here are a couple pictures. It's not the best cut-off example as the picture was taken in broad daylight and the truck is aimed up...
  13. Any fuse I can use other than F52?

    if you dont have heated seats, this might work for you.
  14. What have you MADE for your Gladiator?

    Looks good. Would you share a general list of materials?
  15. Quick help -hood-

    JL / JT Hoods are the same except for the Mojave which is not (easily) interchangeable.
  16. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    2020 JTR with 26,000km - no problems. Had a 2018 JLU for 2 years, 30,000km - only issue was when a rear defroster wire detached but was permanently repaired quickly under warranty. It's a fairly common issue on JK/JL's but not one we need to worry about with a JT.
  17. iphone car mount

    I use the one from ProClip. When ordering you need to select a Base and a Phone mount (they're sold seperately) Super simple and installs in seconds.
  18. Hats !

    Dealer gave me this one...
  19. Finally found a Jeep Hat!!!!

    My dealer gave me this one ...
  20. Mesh Shade from JLU on JT?

    I put a Rugged Ridge 2 door JL top on my JT. Fits perfect.