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  1. Climbing a Muddy Hill

    Like a boss! :like:
  2. Dually anyone?

    At least they got the memo about the mean mug grill! I don’t know, I like it and hate it all at the same time. I would have to see it in person and test drive it before I decided if I truly liked it or not…. I can respect it tho, no doubts there.
  3. Aftermarket LSD on Sport S

    Thank you, sir!!!! Been waiting for this news! Gonna have to amend my Christmas wishlist! :fingerscrossed:
  4. Rolled Jeep today, but everyone is safe! Repair or total loss?

    Glad everyone’s ok!! This looks like those narrow western Kentucky roads with drops on each side ugh! I say loss….
  5. New Jeep Owners App

    same here; no worky...
  6. O

    Thinking outside the box! 🤪
  7. Willys with Rubicon Flares and (1.75") wheel spacers

    Nice! Let’s get some more angles.
  8. Why no love for Duratracs?

    I’ve had 3 sets on various other jeeps and they’re a great tire early on imo, just fade quickly in traction and ride…. Plus, I feel the options out there now are much better while the Duratracs need a new design.
  9. Key fob has left the vehicle

    No way! Just happened to me today as well.
  10. Is a winch really necessary?

    'mic drop'
  11. Jeep Gladiator so similar to a 1931 ford model A pick up

    I honestly felt the same as well once I 1st saw the Glad. I bought black just like Henry Ford said, “you can have any color you want so long as it’s black”!
  12. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    nice! Whitefish point?
  13. Why a gladiator might not work for me.

  14. Why a gladiator might not work for me.

  15. Shorter bed now available

    JLUXL? :idea:
  16. What winch shackle are you running?

    Think I’m gonna have to give this a try.
  17. Should I get a winch? Please school me on them.

    Glad I bought a superwinch instead! Feel bad for you guys that really sux!!
  18. 35’s and 3.73s

    315/70r-17 KO2’s with pedal commander isn’t too bad. Will need to re-gear eventually but fine for D.D. See lots of 7th gear, some 8 but not too often and IMO I’m pretty conservative on the skinny pedal compared to most.