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  1. Cold weather = Death wobble

    Wench = hooker ≠ winch ;)
  2. Are you all super rich or is there a method I don’t get?!

    I know you didn't say anything was an interference fit. I said "It’s not an interference fit as you said" to reiterate the point it is not an interference fit. I brought up the TJ slotted control arm brackets because you know TJs and those huge, slotted bolt holes are capable of keeping arms...
  3. 4 extra gallons......where is it?

    It’s fine, run it.
  4. Are you all super rich or is there a method I don’t get?!

    Many TJs had slotted control arm brackets from the factory. You probably already know this. It’s not an interference fit as you said. The bolt hole doesn’t matter unless it’s completely f’ed. That won’t happen unless you ignore a noise for awhile.
  5. Are you all super rich or is there a method I don’t get?!

    Are you implying the bolt holes will be wallowed out? If so, the cause of that is not big tires. The cause is loose bolts that were not addressed in a timely manner.
  6. Exhaust recommendations

    Throaty sound from the 3.6L? Is that possible?
  7. Cold weather = Death wobble

    Throttling through it is brave. This is faith. Let Jesus take the wheel. 😁
  8. Cold weather = Death wobble

    That’s not what I’d do. Rotate your tires first and see if anything changes. How many miles are on your tires and what shape are they in? Are they evenly worn and when were they last balanced?
  9. 4 extra gallons......where is it?

    The "4 extra gallons" you see on the build sheet means there were 4 gallons of gas in the tank when it was delivered.
  10. Cold weather = Death wobble

    Whoops, you were talking about an F250 and I was thinking Jeeps when I said that. :facepalm:
  11. Cold weather = Death wobble

    You can throttle through it if you’re brave enough and have enough power to lift the front end a little.
  12. Cold weather = Death wobble

    DW isn’t a constant event. It gets triggered by the road conditions. DW is a bad shimmy. It’s just a slang term. Whatever you want to call it, the diagnosis process is the same.
  13. New Sport S - Hood Dented or Jeep Thing?

    I guess I didn’t think too much about what that meant and it’s kind of vague. @Raven65, do the dents line up with where the hood rests on the windshield frame?
  14. New Sport S - Hood Dented or Jeep Thing?

    Sounds like an easy job for a paintless dent removal guy. They do some pretty amazing stuff.
  15. New Sport S - Hood Dented or Jeep Thing?

    Hood will lay against the windshield frame. Lay it down hard enough and you’ll crease the hood.
  16. New Sport S - Hood Dented or Jeep Thing?

    Can you post a pic? I agree with Commodus, probably the hood was laid back against the windshield a little too rough.
  17. AcccuAir Lift System

    Those are definitely valid points that I didn’t consider. Don’t make me justify this somehow. 🤣
  18. AcccuAir Lift System

    It does go from 0-5”, but it wouldn’t be very usable at either end of the scale. Everything that is ride height specific will be out of range. Shocks, track bars centering axles, sway bar link lengths, caster, etc. The big height adjustments would be more for show and bragging rights. It’d be...
  19. AcccuAir Lift System

    Seems like a pretty small group that would need the adjustable height. And the guys in that group who need it for towing already have a much cheaper solution.
  20. Mice invaded my air box. Seriously!

    I once saw a mouse run under a door between the house and garage that was "sealed" at the bottom.