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  1. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Sitting here at 40 days in D1 status. An additional delay from a rail strike would push me to buy off the lot.
  2. Mopar Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets Released For Jeep Gladiator

    Anyone in North Eastern / Great Lakes winter states confirm if these wipers are an improvement over stock now that the snow is here?
  3. Gladiator seat covers recommendation?

    I like the seat covers from PRP. Bit pricey as well.
  4. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    I’ve been watching the D1 to D Regress line on the tracker. It started out at 89 on 11/3. Checked today and it’s down to 72. Does that mean 17 JTs in D1 to D Regress have been built since 11/3?
  5. No Active Safety Available to Order

    “ I haven’t done any discovery work yet on what sections of wiring are missing on a gladiator that doesn’t have BSM, but either way, it would be very simple to add.” Famous last words from someone that has no idea.
  6. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Mojave D1 to D regress here. Late Aug order, with 30 days in D1 status. Still hoping for a Christmas miracle.
  7. Failed Mojave theft caught on security cam video.

    Crazy they tried for that long to steal it. Lucky they didn’t do more damage.
  8. 2023 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updates Monthly]

    I don’t see the Safety Group options in the 2023 ordered guide.
  9. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Sales manager was able to confirm that all (5) Mojave models they had on ordered in D1 status regressed to D this week. But could not tell me the reason. Im running up against a hard date as I need a vehicle by Dec 30. My Mojave order needs to get built soon or I’ll need a plan B
  10. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    I’m part of D1 to D regress club as well. Dealer wasn’t able to confirm the reason. Mojave trim?
  11. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    I don’t think this is correct. My Aug order is from Gupton which is a high volume dealer. Many forum members have picked up their Sept / Oct orders at Gupton while I continue to wait. So it makes more sense to me it’s a supply chain and parts availability issue.
  12. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Pure speculation, but the fact that all were Mojave’s points to a parts issue with that trim.
  13. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    I just received the same 4M4 code on my Mojave order as well.

    I was at my local dealer this morning. Sales manager stated all 2023 orders that were accepted with the ACC safety group will be delivered. However, currently ACC cannot be ordered on Mojave or Rubicon trim!
  15. Rubicon and Mojave rock rails holding up builds?

    There is something holding up my build. I ordered 8/31 and sitting in D status. I did order both the bed liner and tubular side steps for mine.
  16. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Order…What step are you in?

    Mojave’s are not necessarily moving out the door. Still waiting on mine for 2 months, not in production. I don’t believe we can nail down the specific delays. Any given part, from any supplier, on any given day can hold up production. The supply chain is still broken.
  17. Gupton Motors up to 8% below invoice

    Gupton requires at least 75% of MSRP be financed with a minimum of 8 payments made to get the 1%. This ensures the interest paid is greater than the 1% discount if paying off the loan in month 9. Example: $60K MSRP * 75% = $45K financed $45K * 4.5% for 60 months ~ $1300 in interest over 8 months
  18. Why all the Hype? (US Flag on Name Plate)

    Jeep need to justify the ~ $2000 price increase for 2023!
  19. JT Ordering: Unavailable Options

    You “don’t get it” because it clear in your statement above that you don’t understand suspension systems in how it’s a sum of the parts working together: geometry, compression, damping, and spring rates. Enjoy your Rubicon, I’ll do the same with my Mojave. It’s all good!