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  1. Updating Tazer firmware

    Do you need to unmarry the Tazer from the vehicle to do firmware updates? Also when doing an update will it default all of your selections? Probably should write down any and all changes made for safety sake but just curios what others have done.
  2. BlackFriday + CyberMonday deals thread

    Yep! Northridge got me for some RCV axle shafts for the front and Revolution Gear chromoly axle shafts for the rear.
  3. Auxiliary fuel tanks

    Thanks Phelgmon for the update! I will try and be patient
  4. Replacements for the RRD Shocks

    Now that some time has passed and different shocks have been used by the masses. What would be a good shock to replace the Rock Krawler 2.25 RRD shocks that came with the lift kit? Daily driver, weekend warrior setup for a 3.5" lift on a Gladiator. looking for something that does not need the...
  5. Auxiliary fuel tanks

    Anything to update?
  6. More Black Friday Deals Start NOW!

    Chromoly axles shafts!
  7. Metalcloak's Biggest Sale Ever - Thanksgiving Sale-bration starts now!

    Well shoot! Did not win one of the gift certificates, but did score a awesome rear differential skid for my Gladiator!
  8. 840hp Supercharged V8 Demon Gladiator Build

    I like it Casey!!
  9. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Your suggestions would probably work. It is kind off a struggle to do with out a mess. Here is what I use. Kind of crude but I remove the lid to drain and then replace the lid to remove the bottle from between the engine and skid to reduce the mess.
  10. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Mine happened after heavy flexing at Moab. I am guessing the axle shifted over enough to the passenger side to rub that corner. Wonder if amount of lift has something to do with it also. Taller lift increases angle of driveshaft which in turn increases contact with that corner when flexing and...
  11. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    I had that happen on mine, only it was more on that corner to the. Thought it was because of using it with my hemi swap. I just took a cut off wheel and cut that corner off at angle.
  12. What to do with my Hellcat Gladiator

    I would still be cautious of the tune. If your cats are fouling, could be a number of things, tune over fueling or not setup properly with a boost tune, O2's not working properly and forcing over fueling or a combination of things. If Dakota Customs is willing or if you can find a honest tuner...
  13. My ass is killing me after a 4-hour drive

    I will add in for the Seat Jackers. I wasn't sure if they would make much of a difference when first installed. 1200 mile trip later and what a difference in comfort.
  14. Looking for OEM Plastic Rivets

    I get my clips and rivets from here As for the tool thinking it was from Harbor Freight. and has worked for me.
  15. Auxiliary fuel tanks

    Thanks mog, yeah I have seen that video. More interested in the auxiliary tank with a hemi conversion and the associated hemi exhaust, room wise. Hopefully Phlegmon reports back with his experience on his here pretty soon.
  16. What to do with my Hellcat Gladiator

    First off if it has no oxygen sensors it has no way of metering the air fuel ratios and will never run right. Secondly, if it does not have the tune for the 6.2 it will not adjust for boost and its relationship to timing and air/fuel etc. Not sure if the PCM can be unlocked if the tuner locked...
  17. Towed 4600 miles with an Airstream

    Wow! that sounds like a very nice trip! Glad you had a good time. As far as gas mileage, that is not to bad, I always just figure mileage will be about half of what non towing mileage generally is.
  18. Auxiliary fuel tanks

    That is awesome you are getting the conversion done! You will have a blast with the 6.4. That would be great to see what they will do for the tank and I look forward to hearing back on all of it!
  19. Auxiliary fuel tanks

    So far I have not had to use any extra fuel than what is in the tank. It is just the range, 120 to 150 miles to a tank, that is staying safe with about 1/4 tank left maybe a bit less. This is only an issue when towing my camper. Seeing how I do not tow all the time it makes it hard to justify...
  20. Daily driver on 38” 12.50 vs 13.50 vs 15.50

    Running 38"x13.50/17' Patagonia M/T's daily and have no complaints.