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  1. Getting Stuck and self-recovery in the Ozarks!!!

    Good video.👍 “I didn’t think it was that deep.” That pretty well sums up wheeling in mud. Going to run into that sooner or later (likely sooner). 🤣
  2. Emissions and engine swap

    Yes. I had a couple cars tuned professionally back in the day. To me, this falls within the realm of “a man’s got to know his limitations.”
  3. Secret service / president car rentals (including Jeep) light up in a fire

    A Secret Service peep probably just has too much fun on that trip and they needed to torch the evidence. 🤡
  4. Emissions and engine swap

    We’ll see. After a few horror stories from early adopters messing up their ECU’s because they attempted a “hold my beer and watch this” DIY tune, I would think that would dampen the excitement over that tuning method. Ordering this kind of thing from a random vendor seems like a great way to...
  5. Emissions and engine swap

    In some states, the emissions rules can vary from county to county. I’ve lived in both emissions testing counties and non-emissions testing counties in Virginia. Will some people do that? Sure, but the vast majority of people are not going to go to that trouble. Edit: At the end of the day...
  6. 4 extra gallons......where is it?

    One good habit I picked up (drove commercial vehicles for a bit) is to fill up around 1/2 tank (the gauges were notoriously inaccurate). Not saying that I always fill up at 1/2 tank, but that in 5,100 miles of driving.,.I’ve seen the low fuel light come on once. Beats the hell out of tweaking...
  7. How much do you think I can get off MSRP for a 2022 Overland on a lot in Southern Cal?

    This. I found a deal that I could live with, was happy with how the deal was settled, and I moved on to just enjoying the vehicle. In my experience…a lot of those extremely low APR deals are contingent upon accepting a particular financing. That’s context that folks often leave out. My two...
  8. I Love Winter... Post Your Pics ❄️ 📸

    Nice. I got a snow blower just after our last storm last winter. Hoping that we get enough snow this winter to try it out, but not so much that we end up without power for days. I got a 30 AMP generator plug installed, so we can run most of the house, but will be without the HVAC (have a wood...
  9. Rubicon interior

    🤣 I’m just kidding with that comment (see post #3). For folks that really don’t like it in person though, it must seem like that.
  10. Rubicon interior

    Yup. If you want the best color (Sting Gray), you’ve got to pay the Jeep “troll toll” by accepting the red dash panels.
  11. Rubicon interior

    I was in the same boat as you OP. Prior to purchasing my Rubicon, I was researching vinyl dash overlays, replacement OE plastic options, etc. I can’t find it now, but I joined a thread asking about the same thing before I bought mine. 🤣 The Rubicon red dash looks…in my opinion…to be tacky and...
  12. Are you all super rich or is there a method I don’t get?!

    If you’ve got money to burn, go with 40’s. If you don’t, don't. Who goes with 40’s? -Some people have more money than they know what to do with. -Some people are mechanically inclined, good at finding a deal on parts, and make it work. -Some people are just in you only live once (YOLO) mode...
  13. SAW It In Person

    Yup. Similar to the forest green that was an option for the TJ.
  14. What kind of plug do you keep in your rear end?

    It’s truck flair. Doesn’t keep anything out or serve any real purpose other than to look cleaner (my opinion) vs. a rusty hole when the hitch ball mount isn’t in there.
  15. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    That was my thought on it, as well. I ended up just opting for their single compressor in the box (will work for my purposes).
  16. 2 attempts to steal my Gladiator so far...

    I’m too cheap for that (seriously). 🤣
  17. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    Do you already have a compressor? If so, some storage containers, a couple of good bottles of Scotch, and cigars.
  18. Thinking of trading my Sport for a Rubicon

    There are pluses and minuses for both engines, but yes…the fuel economy and range of the gasser is abysmal. Putting a blower on it isn’t going to do you any favors in the fuel economy department, lol. I don’t really care about the fuel economy. A 2-3 gallon larger fuel tank to offset that and...
  19. Interesting tire pressure observations with 33" KO2's

    Agreed. I’ve got C-load 285/70-17 K02’s. I like mine around 36-37 PSI. Get up around 39-40 PSI and they start to feel bouncy/overinflated. Night and day difference vs. the OE Falken A/T’s, in terms of ride quality and handling. For the folks that have said that they’re terrible vs. stock A/T’s...