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  1. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Also, has anyone figured out a way to change the oil without getting oil everywhere? The hole isn't big enough to get my hand or a big enough funnel in there and I am not gonna remove the thing every time. I am thinking of buying one of those bend/flexible ones that you can make all sorts of...
  2. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Not sure how but the front drive shaft is making contact with the front skid. Doesn’t make any sense because they are parallel with each other. Anyone else seen this with these skids?
  3. Metalcloak 4.5" front springs

    Has anyone with a GC 3.5 from MC installed the new 4.5" front springs yet? I have the GC 3.5 and the front is still a little lower than the rear I'm considering swapping the front springs to the 4.5".
  4. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    I took off to accelerate up to merge onto the hwy, it was up hill and right around 40 it just stopped giving power. Pulled over checked temps at the same time and temps were good. Maybe 20-30 seconds I tried to take off when I had an opening got up to 60 put the cruise control on and right away...
  5. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    yeah I did stop at a gas station just before it must’ve been the heat soak however how could it be when the numbers are good
  6. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    this is what I was monitoring and all were within “normal” specs
  7. Ecodiesel power derating as temps rise?

    I just had a derate and I was only doing 60 miles an hour my oil temp was in the 220s my coolant temp was in the 2-teens. My trans temp was 199 tho
  8. CarPlay issues..

    Bluetooth works fine, only once I plug in it fucks up, like getting a text and having it read it to me, it’s locks up or it’ll read the text but lock up if I try n reply.
  9. CarPlay issues..

    I’ll try it but no other car I’ve had has to turn Bluetooth off when you plug in your phone.
  10. CarPlay issues..

    I’ve looked online for full reset so I can try that first but nothing will reset the radio. Apple CarPlay barely works maybe 20% of the time but won’t stay working for more than 10 minutes. I get device not supported a lot, hands free won’t work if it’s plugged in only Bluetooth, voice...
  11. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Has anyone here with these skids and the diesel done and oil change yet? just questioning the size of the cut out and how far the oil shoots out while draining.
  12. Is the Ecodiesel finally finished?

    Love the JTRD I bought a banks Idash to monitor stuff but I’m at 7k miles in 2 months and no issues except a MAF sensor CEL that I think was a faulty reading and that’s not a diesel specific part.
  13. Custom Bed Slide (Bed Drawer?) by Slide Master

    Happen to have a parts list? Looks good BTW..
  14. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    Well I put off the Rubicon due to no skids but I went to install them today on the diesel, rather than bolting the engine/front most skid you have to remove and replace the factory bolt. This proved to be a major PIA! Woulda been nice to know ahead of time to remove the fender liners. Part...
  15. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    There is a gladiator from grill assembly for $100 it’s the wrong color as mine but I was considering talking down as cheap as possible and modding it and testing temps against the stock one.
  16. 37’s on eco diesel, mpg hit?

    I averaged 26 on a trip from vegas going north for 5.5 hours all hwy. After Nitto trail grappler 37’s HEAVY AF, I can barely get 17mpg hwy. That’s doing the speed limit at 65. I have much lighter 37’s on order, almost 15lbs lighter these these tank tires. I expect to be back into the 20’s easily.
  17. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    ok I finally did take the pics of the min max screen.
  18. Puck bump stop height?

    Now I gotta google fender split. LOL