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  1. My towing experience

    I moved from the echo to the Mopar brake controller and much prefer it. The echo felt very herky jerky and out of sync in town. It especially bothered me when I'd stab lightly at the brakes where the out of syncness was really apparent.
  2. A different kind of question about tonneau covers…

    Did not read all replies, but I went through 2 kids with a truck and the topper was required for hauling strollers, and other assorted junk. I've always gone with soft tonneau as I dont like losing bed space or the hassle of removing a cover if i need the full bed. On all 4 trucks i've used an...
  3. Secret service / president car rentals (including Jeep) light up in a fire

    Dont mind me, i'm just going to put on my fire suit and wait for people to turn this in an electric vs gas thread before going political and getting banned.
  4. Bulletpoint Mounts.. Warranty experience?

    If the warranty fails, 2 part 5 minute epoxy, profit.
  5. Replace spacer with coil springs

    You should be able to swap for a Clayton 2.5 front and end up more or less where you are right now..if you need a little more after that you can use either the terraflex .5 or 1" or stack them for 1.5" (they are made to be stackable)
  6. Does a inch make a difference?

    What brand do you like better? Realistically no, the 1/2 inch isn't going to make much of a difference and you are better off picking based on brand, price and tire type (at vs at vs rt). With the current price of 39s being 700+(I paid under 500 a tire when I got mine) I will not be going 39s...
  7. Are you all super rich or is there a method I don’t get?!

    Typically it's financed, or saved for then bought. They're definitely not cheap but if you are really doing the kind of off roading that needs 40s and tons then this is a serious hobby and it's cheaper than a good SxS for example. If you just want the look of 40s and don't plan on going crazy...
  8. Headliner/noise muffler for newborn?

    Was just thinking must be number 1 cause that's how I was with the first one worried I might break it.
  9. Waiting for the hatchet to fall ...............

    This guy gets it. The issue with the jeep system is the aux goes bad silently until it kills the main and you are stranded. Doesn't help that it seems like jeep is sourcing the worst agm batteries they can find. There was a whole truckload of late (August, September October builds) 2021...
  10. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    That was my issue too. I had no where to store the portable while the twin fit under the passenger seat out of the way
  11. Another one bites the dust….

    If this was his fault and his insurance that would be true, but since it's not his fault the other insurance company is on the hook to pay for the loss as it sat including aftermarket additions assuming they want to total and buy the truck. You probably won't get full retail value but you can...
  12. Waiting for the hatchet to fall ...............

    Yeah there is a write up I think on the jl forum to remove it.
  13. Waiting for the hatchet to fall ...............

    Cut out the aux battery and keep turning ass off, problem solved.
  14. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    My wife yells it now if I forget. It really is great though, I can air up my tires in 6 minutes then do 2 of my wife's 37s and 2 of my buddy's 33s on his taco, they switch sides and I do the other 4 all in about 15-18 minutes including setup and cleanup
  15. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    ARB twin with the kraken. It's expensive but I was able to find a new old stock ARB for 350 and then the kraken for 300 and it's been a real game changer. 10 psi to 30 on 4 39s in 6 minutes
  16. Thinking of trading my Sport for a Rubicon

    Ditto, I also have 4:1 with 5:13s, it's a real game changer in terms of crazy torque just clawing it's way up everything just off idle.
  17. Thinking of trading my Sport for a Rubicon

    He wants the best off roader, not the best desert runner. 4:1 and front locker are way more useful in general off road situations than bypass shocks that really only matter on high speed runs.
  18. Icon Rock Sliders

    No, I just wrapped the holes and stuck the back to the front of the vinyl. Make sure you clean it thoroughly with alcohol front and back of the seam
  19. JT Update

    I don't get why they beefed up the tube to be basically Dana 60 thickness but then plug welded the fad on. The stock axle tubes themselves are damn strong, but the fad is a ticking time bomb if you don't truss and gusset.
  20. Thinking of trading my Sport for a Rubicon

    Get dstrac or fusion axles. Don't waste money on a d44, at least go to 60s if you are going to spend 5k you might as well spend 6 and go to 1 tons. If your truck is paid off you can refinance against it from the local credit union for fairly low interest rates still, and just use the money to...