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  1. Rolled Jeep today, but everyone is safe! Repair or total loss?

    Everyone is safe! Humor us, the poll is just for fun. My wife rolled her Jeep today on a narrow road with steep drop offs. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the extent of the damage. It was a pretty low speed accident (<30mph). My wife said the accelerator was pinned so it ran while on...
  2. Broken Steering Wheel / Horn Trim

    Okay, so I’ve tried searching every combination of keywords to find out if anyone else has had this issue without luck… anyone have this piece of trim on the steering wheel crack or break off at these locations? Same exact thing happened on my 2022 Gladiator and my wife’s 2021 Wrangler. If so...
  3. Winter Facebook Marketplace finds

    Anyone else have any decent Jeep related Facebook Marketplace finds to show off? They seem to start popping up as the weather cools down. Picked up a full set of Mopar tube doors in near perfect condition with a door cart for $500. Happy Monday!