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  1. Jeep ADDAX Overland Trailer Announced

    Just saw this. Enjoy! Jeep branded overlanding trailer : Press Release: The Jeep® Brand Announces Unprecedented Overlanding Trailer Co-Launch With ADDAX Overland™ LAS VEGAS, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Jeep® brand and ADDAX OverlandTM are...
  2. Jeep factory employees.. do you own what you build?

    I don't know why i just went from watching a live video of Jethro Tull from the 70's..... (they are older than I) to wondering this, but I wonder how many Toledo Ohio employees own the JT, JL and JK that they built. anyone have any sort of dig on this? . By the way... Tull... looked like a...
  3. The Vs that never was……. turns out the bronco truck was an empty fart! who knew!?!?

    Hey all- for years I’ve just kinda wondered about it. Previous issuing banks had varying rewards. who has one now, or did and why did you think?? did you redeem points/ turn rewards into purchase credits or cash towards purchase? thanks- C
  5. -Rumors-GME T6 “inline 6 turbo ”??

    Hey all- if you do a google search, you will quickly find links to dozens of articles from all the blogs and legacy industry publishers relating to the development of a FCA or “stellantis” in-line turbo 6 cylinder. There has been no further news the last several months. any gear heads, pundit...
  6. Loaded gator rubicon at Red Bluff California dealer

    Hey for those desperately looking for a gator- In rubicon form- New 311 miles on odo Red Bluff California dealer has one.... Now you know..... just FYI
  7. Consumer Reports Gives the 2021 Jeep Gladiator the Edge Over the Toyota Tacoma

    Interesting read- I like the new Tacoma’s- so this is certainly surprising to me..... Edit: just want to add that...
  8. Lift Kits-Products-Reviews...a Central location?

    While I know we are all thankful for the massive aftermarket support Jeeps receive, one area that seems murky and convoluted with endless makers and unclear best products and evaluations is the lift kit arena. Many choices seem strong or better and some....well worse. I wish we had a ratings...
  9. Wife hates gladiator

    So... about me.... Like many of you but unlike most of you, I am an official car-a-holic. My passion has been automobiles since my earliest memories. I used to draw endlessly- getting in trouble daily at school while ignoring my classes- for years. Principles office and detentions daily-for...
  10. Cross country continent old guy early JT

    hey all, I lost track of the old guy some time ago with the journal on his cross country trek. Last i remember he was in alaska and on his second windshield. any know od which thread this was? i remember him being an old school fella, certainly retired and i think think of anything more.????