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  1. Roof leak in back

    I have a 2022 that has a rear window small leak, top driver side. Going to try and put weatherseal in until I can get to the dealership. 5,122 miles and 3 months old.
  2. Roof leak in back

    Are you talking about the trim on the top of the window? Was it easy to remove? How was it held on?
  3. Thank you Veterans!

    Semper Fi and Happy Veteran's Day!
  4. GEICO rate increase of over 30%

    Yea my son is in the Air Force and dropped GEICO and went with USAA. They were over 50% cheaper then GEICO.
  5. GEICO rate increase of over 30%

    My GEICO rates just went up too, not as bad, but they did go up. They even included a letter in the renewal notice that rates are going up because of the current economic environment. I too shopped around after the rate increase and they were still the most affordable.
  6. Miles at delivery?

  7. Jeep wave canceled

    So are you saying stay away from Pearson Jeep?
  8. Small Amber LED Grille Lights recommendations

    Those look pretty good. Easy install? How do they attach to the grille?
  9. Gladiator and Defrost

    Looking from the inside you may have something. They appear to be in the middle of the wiper as well. Oh Well. It did look like there was an element in there from the outside. Either way - i was surprised to see the area around the entire blade defrosted.
  10. Gladiator and Defrost

    Well - the complete area under the blades were completely defrosted.
  11. Gladiator and Defrost

    So I was concerned about this too. I noticed the air only really comes from the center position of the front defroster and the side vents for the front windows, but very little in front of the driver and passenger. This morning - woke up and it as 40 degrees and I had frost on 100% the...
  12. Is this normal now? Dealership lead time.

    Thanks for the replies. Hopefully things get better. I don't "need" anything done right now, but it was just a bit concerning about the availability of slots at the moment.
  13. Is this normal now? Dealership lead time.

    I have three Jeep dealerships close to me. The dealership I bought my truck at, it's sister dealership about 30 miles away, and a competitor Jeep dealership. Just out of curiosity I went thru the process of trying to schedule a service and all three dealerships are booked out 6-8 weeks. So I...
  14. Brand new Mojave check engine light flashed briefly

    Under the hood near the battery. I checked mine after reading posts on the forum and more then half my fuses needed to be pushed in.
  15. Mstrpoz's First Jeep build-- 2022 Gladiator Sport!

    Welcome Ryan! Nice to see another local (Ashland) Jeep Gladiator owner. We also bought ours from Whitten Brothers last month.
  16. Rebate is a joke

    Long time ago, when I first got out of the Marines, I got a job as a Product Specialist working at Circuit City Headquarters in Richmond VA. Long story short - I was responsible for setting up the rebates that Circuit City advertised on computers and crap like that. The rebate redemption...
  17. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    I too just bought a 2022 High Altitude. Actually it was a "two-fer" - my wife bought a 2022 Grand Cherokee Altitude. We traded in two Fords (2018 Ford Explorer Sport and a 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat), Trade values were crazy. Plus the 0% on the Gladiator was a great perk.