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  1. New JT Owners: Look in your door frame and if it has a build date of 8/14 (2020) or after click this thread and help me

    If you have already discussed the idea of purchasing from 5+ hours away with your locally respected dealer and they don't want the hassle, they are not the respected dealer you think they are. If the steel box is a thing for you, get it in writing from the dealer you WILL buy the JT from that if...
  2. So how many of you use the manual shifter on the automatic?

    I let the auto shift up through the gears and downshift manually about 90% of the time. Seems like the thing to.
  3. Please keep me from buying another Gladiator

    >>>>..... also seems that in TexaS if you trade in for the same year at the same dealership your taxes are applied to the purchase (only pay the difference of the new car not the whole thing over again)<<<<
  4. 6speed manual Sport S with 37s

    Just to give perspective - my 3.73 geared Overland runs BFG K02 33x12.5x18 size and they weigh 62 lbs each. No issue getting into 8th gear on the flat and holding 8th on small inclines. No hunting at all. I'm not sure I'd be going with anything heavier or bigger without needing a re-gear. 37's...
  5. ACC Easter Egg Discovered in Mojave Gladiator

    I had ACC in a Mazda CX5. It was reasonably subtle but IMHO it is not a technology that can replace my feet. If you want to Granny your way down the highway at the whim of the person in front, I guess it's okay. Much prefer to set my own speed and adjust accordingly with regular cruise control.
  6. Future Engine for the Gladiator....guesses

    The 3.6 gets me to 75 on the highway as fast as I want. What's a V8 gonna do? Does it go faster than a 3.6 at 75? Not going to be more fuel efficient, is it? Diesels are on the way out for light/medium duty trucks. Once the Democrats get back in, restrictions are going to come at diesels just...
  7. Overland without Max Tow Package - Lift? Spacers?

    Really like the look of Pescado's truck above but if you have Colorado air and you want to make sure you don't get dusted by Prius drivers....consider my look. No lift, 33 x 12.5 x 18 KO2's or similar and no issues hussling along....
  8. Highway driving

    I'm running 33x12.5x18 KO2's LT load range E (they came with the truck) with no lift. It also came with tires inflated at 34psi cold and felt kinda floaty/spongy. I've done the chalk test and ended up with 42psi cold and the truck is transformed. She feels very balanced. I also had a little rub...
  9. Ram or 67 phone mount

    I see the merits in these mounts....but have used Pro Clips for years. As our Jeeps do not have wireless carplay, I use: ...and the majority of the time my phone is in portrait mode, so...
  10. Launch Edition $58k

    MSRP? Is ADM involved? This fellow forum member has an LE in all but name only: Sticker for over $56k and he was set to buy for under $50k plus TTL. Buy that LE you are looking at and...
  11. Grommet/Gasket for tailgate center hole

    $10 cover the grommet and shipping to AR 72715 in an envelope? PM me your venmo/paypal and I'll send over a payment?
  12. Can headliner be installed on soft top?

    You can install a spiderwebshade or similar but not hotheadliners....
  13. Tennessee Grey SpiderWebShade

    Sending you a PM
  14. North Carolina Many Jeep JL and Gladiator Parts for sale

    Sent you a message via Facebook for the mirrors
  15. Dealer- How much off?

    Website shows the "TRUE" price of $53,912 and does not reflect the ADM. How true is that, do you reckon? Cost of the $2100 ADM markups...maybe $240 in wheel locks and handles plus the $459 EVTS.
  16. Has anyone found any other Gladiator toys and memorabilia

    My son in law (not the sharpest tool in the box) has been all about Jeeps for I don't know how long. He bought a Dodge Ram (no reason at all, other than it was a pickup truck) the same day I bought my JT. He came over to pick up his son on that Saturday afternoon we both bought, and saw my JT...
  17. Beat by Amazon yet again

    Generally speaking, buying with a credit card offers you the most protection: Situation #1: Bought over $5000 of furniture from a major store last year, with 50% down and the balance when in stock and prior to delivery. Store went bankrupt. Credit card company refunded my deposit. Situation...
  18. Texas Replacement tail light assembly versus only lens|Model:Gladiator|Submodel:Overland|Engine+-+Liter_Display:3.6L|Make:Jeep|Trim:Overland+Crew+Cab+Pickup+4-Door|Engine:3.6L+3604CC+220Cu.+In.+V6+GAS+DOHC+Naturally+As...
  19. Test Drove Gobi Mojave

    Did you point it out to the sales guy and did he drive it as well? Would you have considered it if he had it adjusted? Ordering one is no guarantee that you will have the steering fixed.
  20. New to 4x4's and Jeep, what is this button?

    It’s is OFF-ROAD cruise control indicator. Push that button in 4WD. Put gear selector in M. Push the selector + or - to adjust speed in .6mph increments I believe.