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  1. Gladiator driver's seat

    Roll up a bath towel and put behind you in the small of your back to support your lumbar curve, will limit muscle fatigue and relax your back muscles, doesn’t cost a thing, and find a good hip flexor stretch. Raising the front of the seat will make your knees sit above your hips and hunch your...
  2. Just looked my truck up on the mopar site...

    So if the door jamb sticker is king, (and what the insurance company or police will go by) why is there no GCWR or tow limit on it? it states payload, GAWR, and GVWR which doesn’t tell you towing capacity only the Max weight over the axles, correct? Is there an invisible number that you can only...
  3. Auxiliary Driving Lights

    The real question is: WHO ARE YOU HIDING FROM?
  4. Tow package and Max tow package are NOT the same!

    Both tow packages get the 240 alternator you also get it with no tow package when you order the auxiliary switches, so if you get a tow package and the auxiliary switches you are paying twice for the same alternator.
  5. Tow package and Max tow package are NOT the same!

    The sport or sport s can get the Max Tow package. Also the tow package and the Max tow get the heavy duty cooling and alternator, as well as the trailer hitch zoom. The Max tow additionally gets the wider axles, the heavier rated springs, Trac Lok, AT tires, and day time running lights as part...
  6. 2021/2022 Jeep Wagoneer

    What is “sustainable polyurethane”, for the seating? Are we in fear of running out of polyurethane? What tropical rain forest does polyurethane grow in? And for the ecological set this aimed at, polyurethane isn’t exactly very recyclable. Also, doesn’t sound very luxurious for 70k+.
  7. Dealer kept factory parts?

    If they kept your parts, the new lift should have been priced less your originals.
  8. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Build & Price is UP

    Every color but white has an upchage, wonder if that will hold as site is updated? Hardtop rose another $100 bucks, too. Surprised they haven’t raised the base price yet.
  9. Resource for Exact Differences in Models?
  10. Explain to me

    For the original company (Civilian manufacturer), Willys Overland, Jeep was just a model name of one of their vehicles, and they didn’t win full rights to the name until 1953. It was contested by several companies, including Ford who had made the wartime unit classically known as a jeep, also...
  11. sport with MAX tow

    base model sport showing up on JEEP site again with MAX tow option (now $1245), also trac-lok for both ratios seems to be available.
  12. An introduction to RSi.

    @RSI North America Inc do you have any actual photos of the Gladiator with the Smart tray, no smart Cap. Can’t seem to find any, not a rendering please. Thanks.
  13. Jeep invites you to the first ever Jeep Brand digital livestream roundtable

    Hows bout when will the parts be available to replace the clutch recall? And hopefully the clutch will be stronger so it is not the weak point of the drivetrain. And no offense but that clutch pedal is the lightest i’ve Ever felt in any vehicle, even sub compacts, will the new replacement have a...
  14. Tool box?

  15. Payload increase from axle and suspension upgrade?

    How much would the bed floor and sides be rated at? And would you be hauling lead? It’s only a 5 foot bed, you would also be limited by physical size, I would think.
  16. Why no auto-up feature for windows?

    But that doesn’t answer the question of grammar. C’mon man. Stay on point. And maybe a joke. And I am not a liberal. Though I do drink liberally. Sometimes.
  17. Why no auto-up feature for windows?

    But in this sentence, do you really think he knows his shit personally? (I mean can he tell his shit from someone else’s?)