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  1. Paragon Action Park may reopen

    Survey taken! Thanks.
  2. AEV spacer lift shipping times?

    I frequently drive in heavy traffic in the Washington DC area north of me, which sucks, especially since I transit thru the ghettos of DC to get to the Navy base I work on. Computer typically say's ~13.9mpg's which isn't accurate since I have not regeared from 4.11 to 5.13 yet. As a guess, I'm...
  3. AEV spacer lift shipping times?

    I forgot who I ordered mine thru - if I recall correctly, shipping was about 3-4 days. A buddy and I installed it in a few hours on my Mojave. I added the Mopar front LCA's to correct front castor & they were a breeze to install as well. Ride is somewhat different because I went with a set of...
  4. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Nope. Motobilt did a reasonably good job with this design. Would I have done some things differently, yes. For 1 example, the inner support gussets for the winch should have been welded ~1/4" further away from where they are to allow much easier access to the winch mounting hardware. Also, if...
  5. Regearing for Dummies

    About 15 years ago I did a "Gear Install Basics 101" thread on another Jeep forum I'm a Moderator on. Type my user name and topic I mentioned above in google and you should find it.
  6. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Thanks. It's the Motobilt Hammer series w/stinger.
  7. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Not sure if you considered going with the MOPAR LCA's instead of brackets. For ~$62 the LCA's are hard to beat. The LCA's are ~1/4" longer which dials the castor in about perfect for a 2" spacer lift, and no low hanging brackets. Super easy to install too.
  8. The art of choosing your tire size.................

    My background of building Jeeps fulltime for a living dates back to 1977 when I first started working at Rancho. After Rancho, I worked for Mickey Thompson and a number of other offroad and custom shops for decades. I will be going into fulltime retirement soon. Several of my friends and...
  9. Pennsylvania to Yellowstone in my Gladiator JTRSPARTACUS

    Nice! My sister and her two kids have lived & work in Yellowstone for the past 15 years. Enjoy your days there.
  10. What Have You Hauled?

    Old skool alert! :like:

    I recall first talking about it in depth in the late 90's and several hundreds of times throughout the 2000's, 2010's etc on various Jeep forums. Just google mrblaine (a longtime friend since the late 1990's and Jeep co-builder when I lived in SoCal and worked at his shop). We use to hangout...
  12. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Still happy with mine on my Mojave.
  13. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    The install is about as easy as you'll ever get. A good 1/2" or 3/4" drive impact gun will help, as well as a good torque wrench, some tall jack stands and a good floor jack. You may need a breaker bar with extension too. A buddy and I did mine in about 4-5 hours including taking a breakfast &...
  14. Second Hand JT

    You're most certainly welcome. :fist bump: They sure do look awesome. :rock: Not to jinx you twice in a row - but I hope you have good luck balancing them monsters if you do balance them. I run two sets of tires on my 1 ton YJ. 37" & 39" red label sticky Krawlers. I migrate them onto a set...
  15. Stupid question: spare tire with 37’s?

    I have a bent rear Clayton "at the ready". Perhaps I'll toss it on to avoid rubbing offroad at full flex. I have a front Clayton too that I purchased but wanted to try it out prior to install to see how things went in increments. Seems to be ~1/2-5/8" to spare sitting there statically, and we...
  16. Stupid question: spare tire with 37’s?

    Same as above. My 37" M/T spare is mounted on a stock Mojave spare in the stock location with no mods at all. I run an AEV 2" spacer lift.
  17. Let's see the boats you’re towing with your Gladiator

    I have an all aluminum 16' ProVGuide Bass Tracker I tow with a handfull of my trucks. It's ~1090# dry and the Merc 60 weighs ~250#. The fishbox is ~23 gallons with a seperate live well, and troll motor is a Minn Kota w/remote deep cell battery. It's generally parked below my Hellcat out of the...
  18. Second Hand JT

    Have fun mounting them 40's on beadlocks. :giggle: I use to build some crazy custom 1-off Jeeps fulltime for a living and it seemed I was often "chosen" to mount customers' tires on beadlocks. I've lost count as to how many I've done over the years. As you know - not all beadlocks are...
  19. Second Hand JT

    Sweet! Jeep is really coming along nicely.