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  1. EV - not ready for the masses?

    I work in fuels and would LOVE to see a better EV infrastructure. My job title is literally "Fuel Distribution System Operator" though its kind of an over-simplification. I work in the receipt, storage, transfer, issuing, and returning to bulk of fuels and cryogenics. Hydrogen has no chance...
  2. Colorado trails

    Black Bear and Imogene are pretty amazing trails in a Jeep without being very technical. Black Bear taught me that pucker isn't just something you do with your lips.
  3. 6 MT and cruise control

    Just threw it in 4 low in my driveway and couldnt get it to work. Maybe you have to stall first or something.
  4. 6 MT and cruise control

    Aww, too bad. I did it on my 03 TJ, but I pulled the fuse for the clutch switch when I bought it and never put it back in.
  5. 6 MT and cruise control

    Back on subject, the standard cruise operates like ACC on mine. No disengagement on clutch. I'm wondering though(since I can't test it myself), what happens if you do a clutchless shift on one that doesn't have ACC? Two more advantages I thought of. Manual can do dead battery bump starts...
  6. 6 MT and cruise control

    That makes sense. More reason to love ACC, an option I didn't even think I would like when I checked the box. As for manual advantages, I can think of a few "practical" reasons. Manumatic can allow you to select gears, but it still doesn't give as much control as a manual due to the computer...
  7. 6 MT and cruise control

    Can confirm. I tend to engage ACC as soon as I hit the interstate, usually in 3rd or 4th. Once I get some space, I shift it into 6th and it remains engaged without me doing anything. I've had it cancel itself one time on a steep hill in 6th, but that's probably what it should have done in...
  8. Limited Options Available for 2022??

    When I ordered lot prices were over MSRP and local dealerships were allowing orders AT MSRP. I ordered from Gupton, thus saving huge versus buying off the lot.
  9. Limited Options Available for 2022??

    Some of us are pickier than others. Also, no dealer near me would offer a Gladiator for anywhere near MSRP when I was buying. By ordering I got exactly what I wanted AND saved over $10,000 versus buying what I wanted locally, which didn't exist anyway. I looked at all the gladiators within 25...
  10. Limited Options Available for 2022??

    That makes sense. I ordered my '21 in September just before they closed ordering on that MY.
  11. Limited Options Available for 2022??

    What's the sauce on MY23 coming out so soon? You couldn't even order MY22s until November or December last year IIRC.
  12. Shop vs home install aev Mojave 2 inch + misc.

    That's a great schedule. I'm fortunate in a different way. I have a lot of downtime at work, so I can do most maintenance on my vehicle while on the clock. I'm at work right now, just did an oil change on my motorcycle. Putting on a lift, though, would be a bit much to take on here, even on a...
  13. Shop vs home install aev Mojave 2 inch + misc.

    If I was retired I would absolutely do stuff like this myself. But I work 40+ hours a week, so I would rather just pay a pro and enjoy my free time. This kind of stuff really isn't too bad unless you are working on rusty bolts. Just make sure you have all the right tools before you start...
  14. Trails?? Tolland, MA Area Central MA West of I-91? Great Barrington, MA

    I'm incredibly anti-social, so not in one right now, but you could try Home :: Patriot Jeepers I don't know how most trails are here, but in Arizona, even the toughest trails usually had bypasses for the tougher stuff. I would avoid anything on Facebook. If you have a hard time finding...
  15. Dyno Sheet - For Fun

    What's the weight difference between diesel and gas Gladiators?
  16. Trails?? Tolland, MA Area Central MA West of I-91? Great Barrington, MA

    I've done some trails in Granville on my dirt bike and saw a Wrangler on the trail. Legal might be asking too much though. IIRC, the only legal "trails" for a Jeep in this state are on private property which you must have permission to use. Even if you are on your OWN property(lol) you have...
  17. Stopped using door hinge nuts

    I often ran my TJ this way, but I felt like it did put a little extra strain on the pins and the hinges. Maybe tolerances are tighter now, but there was enough play in the door while on and closed that the doors jumped a tiny bit on bumps.
  18. Bunch of Junk!

    This is one of the many reasons why I try to get as many of the upgrades I want from the factory. Rarely do I find aftermarket stuff that is better quality than the factory options. That said, I am supper happy with my Truxedo tonneau. Probably happier than I would be with any of the factory...
  19. Good Bye Gladiator - Hello Grand Cherokee and Challenger

    For me the Gladiator fills a lot of compromise roles. It's my convertible sports car, my minivan for kid transport, my haul motorcycles around or take trash to the dump vehicle, and it can go almost anywhere a Wrangler can. No, its not fast and the gas mileage is dismal, but I have motorcycles...
  20. Ok who did this? NSFW language

    Who HASN'T done this?