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  1. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    Tank is a great daily driver!
  2. SARGE GREEN Gladiator club

    If they'd bring back the 2015 Tank over. I love my Gator color though.
  3. Black Rhino Wheels: Lug Nut Questions

    There are other acorn style, but splines are typically stronger on a narrow walled lug nut.
  4. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    Wheels look great! Did you paint or powder match?
  5. Black Rhino Wheels: Lug Nut Questions

    Get spline lugs for the BR wheels.
  6. Regearing for towing (sometimes) and driving in Colorado: 4.88 vs 5.13 can you share experience?

    5.13s all day long in that scenario...because you're not going to want to swap tires every time. Unless you highway distances a lot, 5.13s will be fine and you wont have to worry about gearing for tow over the passes on the front range.
  7. Are seat covers worth it?

    I've run Bartact (Trek Armor when they started out) covers on six different jeeps now; they're spendy, but worth it in saving the original upholstery. I've got a set on order for my JT now for a while...waiting. I will say, the ones I just put on my wife's JLUR, I was underwhelmed by. Not...
  8. Flag decals on gladiator??

    I cut it on our cricut.
  9. Quadratec LED Interior Mount 50” Stealth Light Bar

    Having run in vehicles with police lights mounted under the visors like that, the backflash is terrible at night unless it is completely sealed against the windshield. I'd imagine an interior lightbar like that would have pretty significant windshield glare at night.
  10. Flag decals on gladiator??

    I cut a slightly different route...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Dec 11 - Dec 12. Advised the ANA/AAF QRF at KAIA. That plate came off one of our soft skin TLCs...
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Put some Mopar bed cargo rails in, some Artec cargo rails on, Threw an old Ace cargo basket on the rails, then mounted a JCR skid plate and my old license plate.
  13. JCR Roof Rack | Half Rack Install / Review

    Great video. I’ve been eyeballing that rack for a while but could find anything other than JCR images. How easy would it be to fab brackets using the two bolts on either side of the front wind deflector to mount a 50” lightbar? Should be relatively simple. Do you have a measurement from left...
  14. Warn Low vs Mid Height Grill Guard

    Warn low on mine also. Lights are 6” Rigid 360s for reference. You cannot get a flat link between the hoop and the hook, you’ll need a shackle (recommend a soft shackle) to connect the flat link to the stock recovery hooks. For the trail camera, minimal interference.
  15. Artec Cargo Rails with Mopar Cargo Management System

    Just mounted up the Mopar rails and the Artec aluminum cargo rails. Very impressed with the Artec set, super light as well. I had an old Ace Engineering cargo basket from my JKU that I bolted on top of the rails for a smaller cargo rack. Kinda like this setup; smaller than a full overlander...
  16. BuiltRight vs Mopar bed rails

    Went with the Mopar rails, but honestly, the BuiltRight ones will have more options with the unistrut options. Mopar will sit a bit more flush with the bed rails, but they’re close. I went with the Mopar rails for the sole purpose of got a quick good deal on them and wanted them flush for the...
  17. Mopar Trail Rail Kit Installation

    put them in this week. easy. Did go to the hardware store and buy a $3 M6 tap to clean the bedliner...took an extra 2-3 minutes to clean the threads and install the rails. Wish they were more closely modeled after unistrut. Makes the rail system options limited since the Mopar rails have no...
  18. AEV Releases Gladiator JT350 & JT370 Packages & Parts

    Wish they'd hurry up with the snorkel though...
  19. Warn compared to Mopar Grill Guard

    You're going to need a synthetic or metal shackle to still use the stock recovery points with the Warn...there isn't enough clearance between hook and hoop to drop a recovery line over it. I'm running the Warn Low hoop and can tuck both 6" Rigid 360s on the bumper's bolts under the hoop with...
  20. Aux & lightbar security

    Carolina Metal Masters also sell security bolts for lightbars, etc. McMaster-Carr is quicker...they just aren't as unique as CMMs...more keys in circulation.