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  1. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Ordered 5 Vision nemesis wheels today with price match from @Discount Tire.
  2. Recommendation light Mount for Rigid SS

    Any recommendation for a light mount that’s under 150 for Rigid Side Shooters. *I want to have the ability to fold windshield without interference.
  3. Rock Rails Thread

    Those look sexy @Darkamek. How long did it take to deliver from initial purchase?
  4. Stickers and decal pics!

    Installed these today on the tailgate
  5. Anyone install Voswitch?

    Mods can you please change category. Should not be in suspension
  6. Anyone install Voswitch?

    I was content on SwitchPros since I’ve had it on a previous Jeep, and I happen to come across these switch alternatives. Thoughts? Priced friendly but not sure how the wiring goes from aux lights to Voswitch. Is it like switchpros or spod?
  7. Rock Rails Thread

    Any updates on Roam?
  8. High Line Fenders + Aftermarket Liners = Better Clearance?

    For those that are running the slim led’s, are they discoloring after a couple of months? I’ve had a cheap set of leds and they all yellowed after a couple months.
  9. Wrapping - protection/facia sills rockers

    I purchased mine from eBay (3m rolls). Spray a generous amount of mixed water/dishwasher fluid and spray it on the backside and your fingertips. Manipulate it to where you want and squeegee.
  10. Metalcloak lift

    For those who did their own install, did u have any issues? Did u have to do any fabrication?
  11. The “Red Queen”

    Your awesome!! That definitely made my decision to go with 37’s and 3.5
  12. The “Red Queen”

    @sassjt love the build. I have a similar look set in mind with 3.5mc lift/37 ridge grapplers. What is the overall height of the rear passenger hardtop? I’m just trying to fit my Jeep under an 80” garage. Thanks in advance
  13. Rusty's Off-road 2" Lift

    Thanks @Scruf. Give us an update of the first 500 miles or so. Did the springs settle in? Did ride quality change when u have full passengers/load? Any additional comments would help. your doing a great job giving fellow JT members feedback on Rustys.
  14. Height of lifted JT w/2.5 inch lift and bigger tires

    here is another thread regarding lift height. I’m trying to keep it under 80” with a 3.5 and 37’s but numbers are all over the place depending on lift and actual measurements users took. Some were measuring the front of the freedom panels which sits a little lower than the rear. I have an...
  15. New Clayton 2.5" Kit!

    @T8T what Clayton kit did u go with?
  16. New Clayton 2.5" Kit!

    @j.o.y.ride does the base 2.5 kit come with extended links and bumpstops? Also my garage is 80”. Do u think 37’s and and 2.5 Clayton would fit?
  17. Max Tow - Real World MPG?

    My last fill up was 100% street miles. 283 miles total distance. 18.65 gallon fill up at 15.2mpg hand calculated.
  18. Rusty's Off-road 2" Lift

    I’m trying to stay under 80” due to my garage. My end goal is 37’s.
  19. Rusty's Off-road 2" Lift

    I’m at 72.5” at the highest point of the rear roof (hardtop). Currently all stock with max tow package.
  20. Rusty's Off-road 2" Lift

    @Scruf what is the height from ground to highest point on the roof with your current setup?