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  1. Free - Complete Rubicon Gladiator Suspension

    I am a jerk. My first thought, before I finished reading your post was to buy it and resell it for more. But you are doing a cool thing. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  2. Losing hats

    Should I use all of those on one hat? ;)
  3. Your truck is Ugly!?

    As if I wouldn't rock that Porsche if I had the keys to it.
  4. Just picked up bigger rubbers. What else do I need?

    Yeah, I had a few good replies but I restrained myself... for once.
  5. Losing hats

    I would not give you a hard time wearing a pony tail. For some people, it just looks natural. I just don’t think it does when I have one. I do have a nice full brim hat. I may try that once in a while. For now, I’m waiting for it to get a little cooler so I can wear a beanie. They seem to stick...
  6. So, what is everybody towing?

    my other thought was to get a set of stock gladiator wheels and tires, just for towing and then I can do what I want with my everyday wheels and tires. Wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to swap out the wheels before a trip. But if I lifted it 2” the smaller stock wheels may look funny on it...
  7. So, what is everybody towing?

    Im curious about this too because I would love to throw some 35s on mine with a regear. I saw some good 35s that only weighed a few lbs more than my stock ones. I would probably keep my stock rims. I was thinking 35s and 4.88.
  8. So, what is everybody towing?

    Oh got it. Yeah more space is nice with a family. Not sure how your towing will be effected with the 37s and regear. Probably will reduce the tow capacity some, even with the regear.
  9. So, what is everybody towing?

    its 6000 dry. Honestly I would not go any bigger. Once you load it up it’s a couple hundred lbs more. You also have to consider the payload weight of the people in your JT. You need to make sure the GCVW is not being exceeded. With my JTR I’m getting close to the GCVW. It tows it fine. I just...
  10. Finally!!

    Yeah it looks great. I’m looking forward to getting some 35s on my rubicon.
  11. Please show me your Steps

    The MORE ones mentioned in the beginning of this topic will work.
  12. Gladiator driver's seat

    Being 5’10” is like having every vehicle designed around you. It’s a privilege we need to check.
  13. Finally!!

    Are those 35s with a leveling kit? Not sure what finally is about but your truck looks fantastic.
  14. Losing hats

    I have heard this a couple times too. I need to try it. I just put the top and doors back on for a few days. It’s going to get back up to 100 over the next few days. So I’ll try this out once it cools back down. Tube doors show up on Tuesday, so I’ll be itching to strip the gladiator down.
  15. JT vs 4Runner

    yeah, I’m still a little baffled that I’m getting better gas mileage with more power and weight. It’s so much peppier than my 4Runner was. I’m guessing though that going to 33s on stock gearing was the issue. Would have been peppier with some different ring and pinions. Gas may have been worse...
  16. Losing hats

    yup, that is the best option for me, since I need to wear a hat. Or my hair whips my eyes like a rabid cat. I’ll be ordering one on Amazon.
  17. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Well said. I think the gladiator will slowly build steam and stick around longer than the scrambler. At least I hope so. Because when you look at it compared to other midsized trucks, it competes really well. It’s a legit good truck, with some major off road capabilities. As it is now, I think...
  18. Your truck is Ugly!?

    I might get in trouble just looking at these vast lawns. You have a beautiful property. Makes me consider moving out of California. Lol
  19. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Man, Look at all that lawn. Probably get arrested here in California for having that much lawn. Looks so lovely though.
  20. Losing hats

    I wish that happened to me.