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  1. Water and Profanity

    Here you go.
  2. Water and Profanity

    That design will most likely create extra wind noise, not sure if it's worth it. The JK had a similar issue, there was one company call truckmaster Designs who made a drip rail. I got one that was never installed by another owner but I never installed it.
  3. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Just my opinion, but if your major requirement is towing, then for sure get the max tow. The Mojave might not be right for your needs.
  4. Rock Rails Thread

    What kinda parts guys is that ? They are available as a Mopar part. I put them on my Mojave, replaced the stock rock rails. They are available from BAM
  5. Gladiator driver's seat

    I ordered that kit last night
  6. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Interesting change, that's going to make it difficult for some items to be installed My 2020 Mojave has the lower threaded hole
  7. Mopar tri fold hard bed cover

    Yes indeed, I'd also like to add some struts. Tracking thread for future updates
  8. Driver's Door Electrical Connection

    Yea, I spent about 40 mins yesterday troubleshooting the door harness connectors to get BSM functioning again. It's a terrible fragile design for the connectors, having pins being misalligned is ridiculous. @JeepCares
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    A few things today, removed the front doors for the first time, took the freedom panels and hardtop off. Installed the hothead headliners. No big deal doing it. Took my kid around the neighborhood with no front doors and roof on, it was enjoyed immensely. After I installed the front doors, I...
  10. Ceramic Coating

    Labor rate is the big cost, so location dependent. This is the biggest cost for this detailing. Reputation of the business is also a factor. A single stage paint correction is needed prior to the ceramic coating application, and using a quality product is key for multiple year protection. I've...
  11. Installing Mopar Rear Bed Rock Rails on Overland and Sport Gladiators

    I was curious about adding these to my Mojave. Mojave comes with a plastic bumper, but can you tell from these photos if this "Mojave" bumper already has the precut shape for these rear rails to work without cutting the bumper ? Also if you guys have some photos of how the brackets attach it...
  12. Mud Tired vs All Terrain Tires

    Yup I had similar with the KO2's on my JKU, there were nice initially but after so many miles that special layer was gone and then the tires became dangerous, I had to be really careful with them when it got wet. Based on my experience I would not get the same tire again. My Mojave came with...
  13. Have any of you guys noticed hood fluttering at high speeds?

    Haven't noticed an issue yet in my JT. I installed JL hood latches on my JK and also put a tuffy hood lock on, that kept it real secure.
  14. Looking for information on this rear side step

    Thank you, ah once I got the word Rubicon slider from you I was able to search and find more information about this.
  15. Looking for information on this rear side step

    I wanted to ask you guys if this part is a separate option, not something that came on my Mojave but I would like to add it if it's possible. It's a rear rock rail/step Appreciate any info, thanks.
  16. Rok Blokz Splash Guards Value

    So I got them installed today, took me way too long. Now first up, I fully expected to trimming the front flaps to make it fit due to my rails so that's on me I took my time doing this, but man that is thick rubber, I had to remove a lot of material to get the profile of the "performance" rock...
  17. Why did you buy your Gladiator?

    I had a JKU which I greatly enjoyed, I wasn't immediately needing to change to a JL when they came out. With the Gladiator it obviously had the trunk bed and greater towing capability. I was drawn to having a nicer interior, more safety items and tech, the 8 speed auto is also very nice. The...
  18. Rok Blokz Splash Guards Value

    My set arrived via fedex this evening. I'll probably install them tmrw morning, I need to cut out some extra on the front flaps to match the profile for the new "performance" mopar rock rails which I installed this evening to replace the rubicon ones. rock rail difference