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  1. Badges earned in Ocala Nat’l Forest

    And, installed...
  2. Music in your Gladiator

    I subscribe to Apple music, so I'm always on Car-Play with Hard Rock Radio on... sometimes Classic Metal Radio
  3. Caution: Don’t Open the Door if the Top is Wet! Per the Manual.

    And as a bonus you can show you flex more than a Honda! LOL
  4. Caution: Don’t Open the Door if the Top is Wet! Per the Manual.

    They excel in that function as well!
  5. Caution: Don’t Open the Door if the Top is Wet! Per the Manual.

    I drove my TJ sans sides and doors today... drove through a stupid monsoon on way home... I was careful to not open doors or top, and water still came in... LOL! :LOL:
  6. Warranty items

    Let me know what they say about the bolts, as mine are getting rusty too. I may look into just getting some stainless to go there, but don't want the silver...
  7. 4:10 rings for $200 with 12K on them - for 35" or 37" eventually?

    Just the carrier and axle length are different. The center chunk is the same. I can regear my D30/D35 in the TJ to a max of 4.88 (at least... maybe 5.13?) My TJ runs a 4.0l 6sp and 3.05 pushing 31's. Transmission is really low geared
  8. Mouse nest?

    Moth balls, or mint oil keeps them away
  9. Put together cheap aux mirrors

    For my TJ, I used self-stick adjustable blind spot mirrors stuck to the dash speaker grills. Not the greatest, but works well with no shake. I’m thinking for the truck of maybe some mirrors like the ones used on computer monitors stuck to the windshield surround (inside cab)
  10. Turn off overdrive

    My ‘05 TJ doesn’t do that either. You need to click it or hold it to get more than 1 flash...
  11. Looking for a step board

    If I had known 2 weeks ago... I sold mind last week for $100. He's up in Melbourne area, and will be selling them when the sliders he ordered come in, so keep and eye out! BTW, @JTguy2020 Where is Morris located? I went where it use to be by Floor and Decor, and it was not there... What is...
  12. Badges earned in Ocala Nat’l Forest

    Badge arrived today!
  13. Anyone's blue jeans leave marks on seats?

    I had that with my Lexus. I used Zymol leather cleaner to correct. You need to watch the cleaner you do use, some have ’brighteners’ which is more like a blue dye... this will make tan seats look dingy... I have been using Griots Garage 3-in-one leather cleaner With great results for the past...
  14. Your truck is Ugly!?

    and you are already yelling at kids to get off your lawn, lol!
  15. Hood Decals Questions

    I cleaned mine really well, dried with a lint free cloth, then used a soapy water to lube and position the decals. Once in position, squeegee the water out, let dry, and peel off the backer. Try to do in the shade or on a cool day to keep the water from drying too fast. Work all the bubbles...
  16. Losing hats

    I take mine off, and wedge between seat and console when driving either Jeep fully open.
  17. Dead mouse!?!

    Lol, Deadmau5... I thought of this too!
  18. Rear seat issues?

    My Canyon you had to flip the side lever to raise it, and then again to lower the rear seat bottoms. That would be a nice feature to have, especially if they made it lockable just like the seat backs.
  19. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Brushed Aluminu with XPLOR Half Rack

    I love the aerodynamic striping on the hood, from the slots and headlights!
  20. La Calentura Build (JT Rubicon 2021)

    Looks like a proper enough photo for a Jeep to me! Congrats!