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  1. Shady dealership on Long Island

    Our JT buying experience was excellent. Actually did all the negotiating via text. Robert at Toler was great to work with! Bought our JL before we moved to coast. Negotiated and salesman said if we meet this circled price do we have a deal? Yep! He can back from talking with his manager...
  2. Paint color of the orange tow hooks on the Mojave bumpers?

    Me 6th. I want to do bead lock rings. The tow hooks are flat and maybe textured. It looks to be a few different oranges on the Mojave. Here is a flat orange powder Paint...

    I think it is pretty impressive..........thanks for posting OP!
  4. calling on photoshop experts.........wheels

    Will do, thanks. I guess there is a flat finish.......Jeep uses it!
  5. calling on photoshop experts.........wheels

    The more I look at the wheel, the more I think it needs to match the tow hooks. Anyone know a powder coater that does flat textured orange?
  6. calling on photoshop experts.........wheels

    Jason, thanks man! Looks real! I think that will work, not too much orange!
  7. calling on photoshop experts.........wheels

    We have a Granite Crystal Mojave. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on the Mopar bead lock wheels. I want to paint the rings orange to match the trim on the lettering and badges. I have noticed how some fellow jeepers have provided mock ups on different ideas. So.........can some of you...
  8. Own a JT and JL? Notice this power and throttle response difference?

    My wife's JL is peppier than my JT. I rack that up to they are totally different vehicles. I do notice they accelerate differently but to me that is expected. The JT has a much different load capacity and tow capacity. I am not sure of the gearing but it is what it is. The JT does seem a...
  9. Patagonia Tread Tearing Off

    That is not good nor safe...........and I did stay at a Holiday Inn a few years ago.
  10. Is it weird or a compliment if someone made the exact same Gladiator as me?

    NC Overland........take it as a complement! Come on down to the coast, go over to the banks, wet a line, have a few beers and enjoy life. All is good!
  11. The must have JT tailgate accessory! Padded truck tailgating couch (Ozark Trail)

    Put a rod gimbal at the bottom and have a fish fighting couch! That is a new level of surf fishing...........hold my beer!

    Carvana was paying some crazy prices for certain trim level JL's. All we have to do is keep selling our slightly used JT's for a profit and we will be rich!
  13. Jeep Wave...Regionally Speaking

    Eastern NC........I would say 85-90% wave! It is just a cool acknowledgement of a common Jeep lifestyle!
  14. Decals and Stickers

    Still waiting on my Pixel Decals from 8/21 order.................dang...............I got a long way to go!
  15. JT Test Driving Experience

    We have a 2020 Mojave and all I can say is it rides like a Jeep. I see a little more play in the steering than the JL but nothing that really is an issue or bothers me. I will ask for the new steering box during the next oil change and our dealer is great to work with. Our roads are pretty...
  16. Has anyone bought a gladiator lately, in stock off the lot?

    Yes, it is a game the car dealers play. It is called capitalism. I wish we all could buy our Gladiators under cost but I guess FCA would then go out of business. It sucks FCA has to make a profit off us poor consumers. Dealers suck because they have to make a profit to keep their doors open...
  17. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojave's

    Going with Mopar beadlocks and plan on doing the rings in orange. Truck is Granite but want to match the orange trim on decals and hooks, Was planning on painting the rings flat orange but the hooks are a textured flat orange powder coated. Best options on how to get a close match? Decals...
  18. One thing that sucks about my jeep......slammed doors!

    What I noticed, if the freedom panels are in and the windows are up, you have to use more force when closing the doors. My wife and I often have to try to close the doors again. Air tight! Now, when a window is down or the panels are out, the doors shut really easily. It is something we will...
  19. Overpriced aftermarket parts...

    Mike Toler Jeep gave us a great deal on Mopar wheels and Nitto Ridge Grapplers for the JL. They had a tire sale and we got 5 wheels, tires, mounted balanced cheaper than internet cost on the tires and wheels! They also delivered the old wheels and tires to our house! I like the dealership and...
  20. Molle Platform Solutions front panel

    Trying to get some feedback on this panel. I like it because it is one piece and how it connects to the bed (at the top). Anyone have one and how do you like it? Are the bottom/side supports built into the panel? It looks like it from their website picture. After mounting, does it come in...