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  1. tonneau Cover started lifting at sides when on highway

    I've been using automated washes about once a month. I don't think I have an issue.
  2. Fluids be expensive

    I look for water, which in diff oil is usually something milky-gray-brown depending on the specific fluid. A very tiny bit might be fine, but not any appreciable amount. And a tiny bit of metal wouldn't bother me. I don't really know how to express the amount that would make me worry, but it...
  3. Fluids be expensive

    If you do the inspection interval at every 20k, maybe you can just see how the fluid is doing. I don't use exotic/expensive fluids since the evidence is that there is no advantage, so I'll just change it every 40k anyway.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control alignment

    Have they made the key fob smaller yet?
  5. Glad i was in the Gladiator this morning.

    I was side-swiped in my JKUR by a drunk years ago. The tires really messed up his car, no damage for me. I have a Garmin mini. I think having a display on a dash camera is stupid. The wifi really works and you can download easily, also use a live feed to aim the camera. I added the parking...
  6. Fluids be expensive

    The book does indeed say what you should do, but couches it under a bunch of conditions. Among them are off-roading or frequent trailer usage. I would follow that schedule, which is 40k miles. It also says to inspect every 20k. Basically that means taking a little off the bottom and checking...
  7. Arizona Free 1/2" spring spacers

    The spring spacers alone weigh only about 7 ounces with a mailer, so under $4. With the shock spacers and hardware it's over a pound and about $12.
  8. Adaptive Cruise Control alignment

    I also noticed the image is from a non-ACC vehicle.
  9. Is taking the top off a two person job?

    Yeah, my doctor would shit himself if I told him I was going to deal with leveraged weight like that. I can already feel the pain. One too many motorcycle crashes.
  10. Adaptive Cruise Control alignment

    Much line wheel alignment, the first step is to check alignment and proceed from there. Which can be a change, or not. According to the dealer, FCA procedure requires a realignment. They could be lying, or just not know, or FCA is full of shit, dunno. But this is a conversation I had with...
  11. Hardtop storage

    Then perhaps Prius ownership is more your speed... :devil:
  12. Is taking the top off a two person job?

    Another Arizonan here, there's no way I'd have the top off right now. It's still over 100 in the middle of the day.
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control alignment

    My insurance company says it has to be realigned. This sounds like a "might be a problem" sort of thing. It would kinda suck to have the computer totally screw up because it "saw" something differently from how it should. I have 100% glass coverage and it specifically says that realignment is...
  14. Arizona Free 1/2" spring spacers

    I bought the Teraflex leveling kit and used the 1" spring spacers only. I have the 1/2" spacers and the shock spacers and brackets sitting around. Before trashing them I figured I'd ask if anyone has a use for them.
  15. Anybody took off the roll bar plastics?

    Wow, that's way uglier than I would have expected. I guess there's no reason to keep things looking good under the plastic though.
  16. One thing that sucks about my jeep......slammed doors!

    I have noticed that the JT doors are much easier to close than my previous two JKs' doors. I assume the seals have changed.
  17. 67 Designs or Bulletproof Mounting Solutions?

    I just put a RAM on my adventure bike, and it's totally solid off-road. It's a light-ish bike and gets a lot of vibration. I buy it all from Amazon, don't really care if it's counterfeit if it all works.
  18. One thing that sucks about my jeep......slammed doors!

    Slam away, it won't hurt them. These aluminum doors do sound a bit odd to me though.
  19. New JT Owners: Look in your door frame and if it has a build date of 8/14 (2020) or after click this thread and help me

    I have a 2020 model built in 1/20, and it has a dark silver steering box, much lighter in color than the steel Pitman arm. I assume it's aluminum. It steers great, no issues.
  20. Anyone remove and leave off the engine cover?

    Me too. Both things can be true. I'd love a 60's car as a toy, but never as a DD.