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  1. JT Sport/S

    The Sport/Sport S is very modifiable. If you get a Max Tow then you'll get the 4.10 gear ratio and wider axles, better for some of the bigger tires and more torque off-roading. The biggest limitation is the lack for lockers and the sway bar disconnect which make going for the Rubicon worth it...
  2. Losing hats

    I want to hear the story of someone who thought they lost theirs and then found it in the bed. That's had to have happened to someone by now?!
  3. Losing hats

    I've been lucky to catch mine a few times with the roof and doors off. I usually have the back doors on still because of small kids, so if the front doors are off I put the hat on the floor back there, or wear it backwards, but you can still lose it that way.
  4. Cold Morning Crew

    Hot beverage!
  5. Dead mouse!?!

    So with only 650 miles on it, I wonder if it sits for a while without you running it? Nothing wrong with that, but I remember reading an article earlier during the pandemic that mechanics we're seeing rats nests in the engine, because the vehicles were sitting a long time between uses. Then...
  6. Driver's Door Electrical Connection

    You can pop the male connector off the side with a flat head screwdriver. That's what I did and it was much easier to see which pins needed to be bent back. I couldn't contort my body to see it otherwise, though I probably tried for an hour. I was extra careful the next time I took the doors...
  7. Jeep wave and 4 free oil changes... can you use last 2 year mark?

    So this email alludes to getting "original equipment" care for your Jeep. But I'm mainly getting it from reading another thread out here somewhere on the forum. The member mentioned how the service tech wouldn't rotate his tires for free as part of the Jeep Wave because they weren't OEM...
  8. Jeep wave and 4 free oil changes... can you use last 2 year mark?

    Technically, they don't have to rotate anything that isn't OEM. The dealer I went to rotated rubicon takeoffs on my Sport S, no questions asked, so you might get lucky!
  9. Photo challenge.. Show me your Gladiator in your garage.

    Like a glove. I know I've gone too far when I bump the beer fridge
  10. How long do you plan to keep this truck?

    As long as I can, as I've never loved a vehicle like this. I drove around a 2012 Sentra for 9 years before buying this, so I think I'll have no problem holding on. I have a four year old and might let him drive it when he's 16. The good thing is, you know it won't change much cosmetically...
  11. What a difference in Gladiator groups

    Agreed, this forum is awesome. It's the only "social media" I participate in and I still check it a bajillion times a day. Couldn't imagine how much more time if waste on other outlets. In all people are very knowledgeable and experienced on here, so it's a great resource to figure out what's...
  12. Jeep wave and 4 free oil changes... can you use last 2 year mark?

    If you have M/T's you want to rotate them more often to extend the life, since they wear faster. If you have the A/T's or even the H/T's, you won't have to rotate as often. Also, this is my first Jeep, so not sure how having a solid front axle vs an independent front suspension, and being RWD...
  13. Pennsylvania 4 Stock Sport S Wheels with Dueller A/T's + Spare

    I'm keeping the Steel wheel, just mounted the Falken M/T on it yesterday. Thanks though. Good luck! I think you need to find someone who went to the 5 tire rotation
  14. Pennsylvania 4 Stock Sport S Wheels with Dueller A/T's + Spare

    I'll be in the Allentown area this weekend if you can meet out there? That's about halfway between where I live and NYC
  15. Jeep wave and 4 free oil changes... can you use last 2 year mark?

    The nice thing about the Jeep Wave is that you don't have to go to the dealer where you purchased the JT to use it, you can just choose a participating dealer closer to you if you traveled far for purchase. You have to register for the program and you'll get emails every so often reminding you...
  16. Pennsylvania 4 Stock Sport S Wheels with Dueller A/T's + Spare

    4 Sport S stock wheels with 245/75/17 Dueller A/T's and unmounted Spare for sale. No scratches or patches, TPMS included, 3500 miles, spare was never used. $350 OBO, located in South Central PA, willing to travel about an hour to complete the transaction.
  17. Gator Gladiator Emblem Badge Order Thread

    I'll take one left and one right, please!
  18. 2021 vs 2020

    I love my 2020 and will probably run it into the ground. That said, if I was getting a 2021, it would be a Diesel Willy's. So jealous of everyone who ends up with that configuration!
  19. Blown engine under 12K miles

    Man, that's brutal, sorry to hear. I hope they work with you under Warranty. Keep us posted!