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  1. Highway Road Noise - 35s - BFG, NITTO, TOYO

    I have run BFG all terrains and Toyo AT IIs both were quiet and smooth, the key is to rotate every 5k miles, run them too long without rotating they get loud.
  2. Most popular JT colors?

    I see a lot of black, white, red at dealers in my area, I originally wanted red or gobi but found a blue one on the lot with a late July build date with exactly the options I would order. I like the blue, just hope it never needs have any paint because they will never be able to match it.
  3. Mojave Vs Rubicon - help me decide

    Some of the reviews of the ride seem to be the opposite of what I would think, mainly the Rubicon rolls more in turns and the ride is rougher, those two characteristics are opposite I would think, if the Mojave has softer springs and shocks it should roll more on turns it also has thinner roll...
  4. Knock off Rubicon metal bumper?

    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of the Rubicon knock off metal bumpers? I see them on eBay for around $400. They look good in the pictures. Thanks.
  5. New Hampshire Tires & Rims

    What size tires?
  6. Paint v Powdercoat [Hood]

    Color match would be a concern also you cannot touch up powder coating
  7. Rusty cowl bolts

    That’s a great options if your a shit bag thief. :no:
  8. Gladiator Bike Rack?

    I just mounted a through axel mount to a small board, holds my Ti Motobecane very well.
  9. Gladiator without LED lights

    I put in the LED bulbs as described in the thread above, it improved the headlights light output, the lights have a sharp cutoff and they are not blinding oncoming traffic.
  10. Rusty cowl bolts

    I would spray some Fluid Film on them let it sit a few hours then wipe off the excess leaving a thin film.
  11. What’s everyone using for oil?

    I wouldn’t use the Jeep wave if they paid me to do it, the one time I took my JK in for a leaking rear axle under warranty they put the lug nuts back on way too tight, took a huge breaker bar to get them off. Can’t trust them to do anything right, so many horror stories of over filled, under...
  12. Advice for tires (35's) - help please

    I would get the Toyos but the AT3s the AT2s are no longer being made and not the current model.
  13. Attaching front plate

    I ordered the bracket in the link but it did not fit my Sport S bumper, does anyone know if there is a different bracket available? Thanks.
  14. First Drive Review of 2021 Jeep Gladiator Diesel by TruckTrend

    32lbs of boost, 4500rpm redline, incredibly complex emissions system, Fiat engine with Jeep service... what could possibly go wrong.
  15. First Drive Review of 2021 Jeep Gladiator Diesel by TruckTrend

    Lots of inaccuracies in that first article.
  16. Weathertech TechLiner Bed Mat opinions

    You can get the Rugged Liner bed liner with the tailgate piece for the same money or less and have complete bed protection.
  17. Fuel Mileage for Gladiator EcoDiesel 28 MPG Highway?

    They use SAE standards to determine tow ratings on trucks, within it’s rated capacity the JT is just as capable as any other truck.
  18. 2021 v 2020 Differences

    That’s pretty crazy
  19. 2021 v 2020 Differences

    Interesting, I have a 2020 Sport S and it has black trim on the steering wheel and no chrome on the dash, build date is 7/20/2020. I wondered about the chrome as I has seen it in videos of 2020 JTs.