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    Been on the Jeep about 50 miles! My 5'2" wife needs a lower step so I am parting with these... $679 on DV8's site $400 OBO I'm in San Antonio but will meet within reason.
  2. Texas Sold: NEW! Mojave Take Off Wheels/Tires (San Antonio)

    45 miles on them! Set of 4 No TPMS included I'm in San Antonio but will meet within reason $1000 OBO
  3. Texas Sold: New! Freedom Top Storage Bag

    68396567AE New storage bag for your freedom tops. Because of it's weird size/shape, would be a lot to ship but happy to do so if you want. Located in San Antonio but can meet within reason. $134 Retail $75 and it's yours!
  4. Mojave, no lift, tire size options

    Looking at some Method wheels with 0 offset and 35x11.50R-17 tires which seem to be in high demand. 35x12.50R-17 however seem to be in stock with a lot of options. Looking to keep the suspension stock and not interested in adding spacers just to accommodate tires. Any concerns with rubbing when...
  5. Texas 2022 Toyota TRD Pro

    2022 Toyota TRD Pro 6 Speed manual 2200 miles Loaded! NFab steps Morimoto puddle lights Ceramic tint all around Tailgate lock Raptor lights Nitto Ridge Grappler 285 Tires Bak Revolver cover Meso Mirror turn signals Meso total tail stage 1 LED tail lights
  6. Mopar tri-fold hard cover vs Aftermarket

    On the verge of sending off my order and wondering if there are any advantages (or disadvantages) of getting the factory hardcover vs. one of the BAK covers at the same price. Had the BAK X4s and revolvers in the past and they seemed to hold up well even to the South Texas heat.
  7. Texas 2021 Full Halogen Set

    Make offer Will ship at buyer's expense
  8. Oracle Tail Alternatives

    I like the look of the flush mount but given some of the comments about fitness, the errors, and non-existent customer service, I'm thinking about cancelling my order since it doesn't seem they are going to ship them out while I still have the Jeep. Saw a few options on Amazon. Does anyone...
  9. After @JeepCares?

    So dealership isn't responsive, Jeeps "Cares" is worse. Is there anyone at Jeep that we can contact for help at all?
  10. New Gladiator Down

    Gas Mojave with only 3 k miles on it. No signs of trouble. Mileage is OK and everything just works as a new Jeep should... Until today. Driving over some train tracks and after I clear them, suddenly no throttle response. Engine is still running though. Pull of the road thinking it's an...
  11. What do you use your JSCAN for?

    Always had some sort of ODB2 scanner for my trucks to check out and clear codes. Just ordered the scanner and cables for the JSCAN software for the same and to adjust for my 35s. What other cool things can I do with this thing?
  12. Morimoto XB LED Turn and DRL install HELP!

    Has anyone tried installing these on a non LED Gladiator? I have the turns working great but neither of the DRLs work at all. The instructions are terrible! Not getting any warnings for bulbs out or anything.
  13. Texas Sold: Looking for OEM LEDs

    Hi there! If anyone is replacing their OEM LED tail lights, headlights, fog lights, fender lights, turn signals and wants to sell them for a reasonable price then please DM me. If you are replacing your bumper or fenders and don't have a use for those OEM lights anymore, I am interested!
  14. Jeep Wave for the first oil change?

    Based on what I am reading, it seems like it's a good, common practice to do your first change before 5k. Anyone use one of the Jeep Wave changes for the first one?
  15. Full LED conversion options

    Didn't get the LED option and that's the next item on my list to throw money at. Wondering what everyone did for a full conversion. OEM replacements all around? Bulbs only? I like the Oculus halo look but not too sure about the customer service from what I'm reading. Headlights and tails...
  16. TPMS Woes

    Just purchased new tires and wheels from Discount Tire. After about 400 miles, and 4 days, the new TPMS sensors still aren't reading. Took it back and DT confirmed that they can read the sensors and they are configured for a 21 Gladiator. Outside of taking to a dealer, is there anything that...
  17. Texas Sold: 2021 Mojave Tires/Wheels

    Stock rims and tires off my Gladiator Mohave, set of 4. Around 400 miles on them. Rims 17x7.5 5x5 lug pattern Tires - Falken Wildpeak M/T LT285x70R17(33") $1200 Pickup and willing to drive a bit. Will ship too but I understand that's about $300
  18. Mojave vs Rubicon? Help me decide!

    I've found a couple at the local lots. The options/price that work for me are there on both but I've only been able to test drive the Mojave. I wasn't expecting it to have the highway manners that it did. Love the feel and the ride. The salesman let me get it on the interstate and cruse at...
  19. Best 2" addition for Mojave

    Seems like the AEV kits with the steering stabilizer are popular. Not sure if there's a Mopar equitant. Looking to just add 35s and maintain proper road manners.
  20. LED Option Dealer Install?

    Was going back and forth between ordering exactly what I want and picking up a stock Mojave. I actually found the exact specs I had in my build sheet except it doesn't have the LED package. Is this something the dealer can install?