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  1. Upgraded to Fox 2.5. Which way should reservoir be?

    So I just installed Fox 2.5s on the rear and followed the instructions. It said the reservoir should face forwards per Fox instructions. I watched a Northridge install and he put the reservoirs towards the rear. Does it matter which way or the other?
  2. ⚠️ Announcing New Member’s Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules

    Other forums I’m on (not jeep) have required handwritten tags for a long time now. It has made a positive difference. Glad to see it’s required here now.
  3. Michigan WTB Sway Bar End Links

    If you’re still needing some I have the AEV front endlinks off the 2” spacer lift. I upgraded to an antirock awhile back.
  4. Metalcloak Rear Sway Reinforcement Plate

    I was thinking that too. I sent MC a picture. I’ll see what they’ll say.
  5. Metalcloak Rear Sway Reinforcement Plate

    Just installed the MC reinforcement plate. My old tab didn’t break off, just wanted to add the plate for good measure. However my rear links aren’t parallel anymore with the added 1/4” thickness of the plate on top of the original tab. Anyone have issues or did I do something wrong? Edit: I...
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Early morning photo shoot
  7. Start Stop Not Ready - nothing else

    I actually installed the Cascadia 4x4 solar hood panel. ESS instantly worked again and have had no issues since. Been on a few trips with no hiccups. I still plan on swapping it out or deleting the aux all together but not until the yellow auto start light turns on.
  8. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    Took a road trip to Vegas for the weekend and on the way back stopped in Kingman AZ at the historic Route 66. Cool little area if you ever get a chance to drive through!
  9. California Clayton 3.5 Coils

    Confirmed. I’ll be in SD 23-27th. I can pick up before the 26th.
  10. Jumper cable or alternative

    Is the 1000a Noco enough for the Gladiator?
  11. Drag link question. Trying to track down front end clunk

    Check your swaybar end links as well. I had the same clunk and thought the same area. It ended up being my front endlinks.
  12. California Clayton 3.5 Coils

    I’ll be in San Diego between Christmas and New Years. I’ll take them if you still have it.
  13. Long term health of my tire/ gear ratio help

    Almost 15k miles with 37s and 4.10 Max Tow. No issues off-roading and it’s my daily driver 70 miles RT a day for work. No issues. I did upgrade the steering to Metalcloak 1 tons with beefier ball joints. Rides great. I highly recommend using Jscan or Tazer to update the tire size to get the...
  14. Off-Road Pages

    I leave my dongle in to have all gauges active. I reinstall for dealer visits or service. No issues whatsoever. The dongle is wrapped neatly behind the dash footwell area.
  15. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    They’re more steps rather than rock rails but the brand is Romik.
  16. Method Wheels showoff your setup

    Hope this helps. It’s about an inch give or take of poke.
  17. Method Wheels showoff your setup

    MR313 Black 17x8.5 0 offset 37x12.50r17 Patagonia MTs 2” AEV
  18. Utah 2.5” Evo Lift plush ride coil springs only

    AZ 85295. Not too far from Utah