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    Time is a thief's biggest fear. The longer he takes, the greater the chance of getting caught. If you can slow him down. The more likely he stop and leave. But if he wants it bad enough. No natter what you do. He will get it one way or another. One guy I worked with (Bill). Had his car parked...
  2. Oh snap there might be a DPF Delete now :D

    The feds are doing too. They are tracking the so called gas filter silencers and reset triggers.
  3. Anyone installed a Rusty's Truss Kit?

    I've been looking at the Rusty's truss kit too. As it checks all the boxes. 👍
  4. How are you protecting diffs?

    Me too. First thing I did was to protect all the low hanging fruit.
  5. Diesel gladiator snorkel

    From my understanding. He did some shady business dealings. And it caught up to him.
  6. JT’s at Winter4x4Jamboree

    I see a lot of 40's on the JT's.
  7. Diesel gladiator snorkel

    Hauk is out of business. The guy may be going to the "Gray Bar Hotel" for a few years. AEV is the ONLY game in town for the diesel.
  8. Show me your DUCKS !

    I got a bag of "glow in the dark" ducks last month. We have ducked a few Jeeps with them so far. Wifey and me went out to eat tonight. Wifey spotted one of the ducks sitting on the dash "glowing" as we were heading into the restaurant. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of it.
  9. Ecodiesel quit

    I'm guessing the CP4 fuel pump. If that's the case. It's a tow to the dealer.
  10. Oh snap there might be a DPF Delete now :D

    Well... the gov't is using social media to track down people.
  11. AirBag Light on Following Codes!

    Read through this.
  12. AirBag Light on Following Codes!

    With the fans coming on high. That is outside temperature dependent. If it's cold out. My fans come on high. Around 32* seems to be the magic temp fo it to happen.
  13. Last Jeep Wave oil change... Thankfully!

    Years ago. The one company I worked for opened up a new shop in East Chicago. I got volunteered to go and help them out to get started. Half the people who applied for jobs were either on drugs or couldn't read and write. We interviewed a shit load of people.
  14. How are you protecting diffs?

    I ran the Rock Crusher diff covers on my Power Wagon for over 10 years. They seen LOTS of abuse. They never let me down. So I will most likely stick with the Dana cast iron diff covers.
  15. Has anyone installed the ARB diff breather kit on their JT

    I know a few guys have run the breather hoses to the air filter housing. And the ends in the housing.
  16. How are you protecting diffs?

    I wanted NV skids before my Rausch Creek outing last year. But couldn't get them in time. So I ended up with the Dana diff covers. I've abused them pretty good.
  17. Show me your DUCKS !

    A duck butt plug.
  18. Shit happens. Gladiator recovery on Golden Spike Trail (due to broken front track bar)

    I've done most of the trails in Moab with the Power Wagon. Been there 7 times.