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  1. Don't Open Your Email From Quadratec! (It'll Cost You)

    Man if those were the Lynx Trail Gunner wheels on sale, I’d pounce.
  2. Why did you/didn’t you lift your JT?

    Because my Jeep asked me to do it. She has full control over me 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. Trying to decide which model to get for my first. Wrangler or Gladiator.

    Depends on your needs. I needed a truck bed so I got the Gladiator. If I didn’t need the bed then I’d probably have a Wrangler (or 4Runner/Bronco). Very simple choice for me. And plus, if you ever need to tow over 3,500lbs then you have your answer already (Gladiator). Wranglers are better...
  4. What’s your best mod for appearance, comfort, bang for the buck and usability?

    Appearance - 35s Comfort - RC V2 Monotube shocks Bang for Buck - LOYO Led lights Usability - Tyger Tonneau cover
  5. ROkBlokz Sizes & Description?.. am I having a stroke?

    you got me dying laughing over here 🤣 I also found their size descriptions confusing as hell
  6. Front leveling kit install w/o a lift or high lift jack?

    I’ll be doing the rear soon on my truck. I plan on propping up the frame with 3-ton Jack stands, and using my floor jack to raise/lower the axle as needed. Since you have spring compressors, you probably won’t need to drop the axles as much as I will. Take this with a grain of salt because I’m...
  7. My journey from a 5" to 7" Uconnect

    I don’t know…I read the first bit of the thread title and thought I was finally gonna get some useful info out of this forum
  8. My journey from a 5" to 7" Uconnect

    I was gonna make a dick joke but I’ll act like an adult on this one.
  9. Happier Then or Happier Now?

    In love with mine now more than ever. Its been great from day 1.
  10. Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    Until battery companies start actually using humane sources for cobalt, I’m not buying an EV. Bad enough we all need phones, laptops, and any other items that require conflict minerals. The world is a messy place. I’m frustrated and sad just thinking about it all lol.
  11. Amazon bed racks.

    Seems a little too good to be true if you ask me. When it comes to welding and carrying loads, I’d spend a little more. More importantly, find a more reputable company. That TKMAuto website won’t even load on my phone properly. With that being said, does anyone know if there’s any regulations...
  12. Truck's bed is poorly made....

    I’m not sure to be honest because have 35s and their old straight rear track bar. I just noticed MC added a bent bar version recently.
  13. Truck's bed is poorly made....

    Metalcloak also has a rear track bar that fits up to a 38” spare
  14. Better cost-effective aftermarket alternative to factory headlights?

    Check out Loyo-LED. They make a good product for pretty cheap. I’m running 3 of their products on my JT - headlights, fender lights, taillights…all work great. Customer service and shipping are great too. Just make sure you check for discount codes at checkout (10-15% off)...
  15. Dealer will not honor warranty wants to change my transmission without submitting for warranty

    Like others have said, go to a different dealer. I’ve had an FCA/Stellantis dealer refuse to do warranty work here in Houston before. I went 15 minutes up the road to another dealer that did it with ZERO push back or concerns.
  16. 2022 JTRD stolen from driveway (don't let it happen to you)

    I know this doesn’t help OP but has anyone tried this? I’m not sure if it applies all theft scenarios/strategies but it may be worth a try.
  17. How many miles do you change your oil?

    Generally, when the computer tells me to but that’s typically between 6k-7k mile intervals
  18. This is so easy.

    The last time I tried to stop buying Jeep parts I almost bought a $2,000 gaming laptop. I think they call that “addiction replacement” in addiction therapy 😂