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  1. Colorado WTB Rotopax Mount for RSE Steps

    I know these aren’t sold anymore, but if anyone has some they’d like to part with, I’d be interested. Maybe it’s a long shot, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks. Here’s a picture.
  2. No-Chop Inner Fenders

    Is anyone aware of an aftermarket inner fender liner that does not require a fender chop? I’m perfectly happy with my rubicon fenders, but would like fender liners that are easier to remove and replace, and provide better protection. Thanks.
  3. Looking to Source Connectors

    Thanks in advance. Can anyone tell me what type of connectors these are? They’re part of a quadratec DRL harness, but I want to buy some to create a similar harness to splice off of the blinker circuits without cutting or tapping the OEM harness.
  4. What Skids Are Necessary? “Can of Worms” Thread

    As a deviation from a question that came up in another thread, here’s a thread to discuss how to skid our gladiators, depending on types of trails, and types of builds.
  5. Rock Slide Engineering Touch-Up

    I have the Gen3 RSE steps with the extra armor. I have significant scratches on the armor and am going to remove it, sand, and paint them. Has anyone had good luck with a particular touch up paint? I’d like to match the main step slider body as well as possible, as I have no plan to remove...
  6. Moab Long Weekend in October

    Anyone interested in a 3 or 4 day weekend in Moab in October? My preference would be to camp and hit 3 or 4 trails. I can’t do the weekend of the 8th or the 29th. But could do the other three weekends.
  7. Rubicon Trail Brief Review and Battle Scar Reports

    I did the Rubicon with 2 JK’s, 1 JL, and one other JT (forum member @jeep1 ) this week. It was a small jamboree expedition. The trip was amazing. The trail is as difficult as you’d expect, if not more difficult. All vehicles were on 37’s with dual lockers. The only non rubicon was the other...
  8. Colorado Sold: For Sale - Smittybilt XL Roof Top Tent

    I’m selling our Smittybilt XL Roof top tent. It’s one year old and has been 100% garage kept, mounted on our trailer, except when actively camping. It includes the annex with floor, and has been used approximately 10-12 times. There are no rips or tears in the tent, rainfly, or cover. Asking...
  9. I find this funny. I’d be mad if I didn’t.

    This was rattling around in the box with my new step slider skids. Cosmetic scratches only, and I have no doubt Rock Slide will take care of it, as they’re great to work with. But it’s driving me nuts that I don’t know what it is. Is it to repair a leaking pipe? Edit: I REALLY like rock slide...
  10. Rear Drive Shaft Replacement, Tips Appreciated

    I’m replacing my stock rear drive shaft this weekend, and am looking for tips to avoid surprises after removing the old one. I’m replacing it with a Dana two piece heavy duty 1350 3” OD steel shaft. It’s supposedly a direct bolt on, and is rated for severe off road use and lifts up to 6.5”. I’m...
  11. Rock Lights

    Thanks in advance for people’s opinions. I’ve got some rock lights I think will be good hardware to use, but would be interested in people’s experiences regarding mounting locations. Meaning I’m interested in hearing where people put these to get good light on obstacles at night, but locations...
  12. Wheel Offset Question

    I’m a typical Jeeper. My rig is working perfectly, and needs nothing, so the itch has started. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s been weeks since I’ve ordered a part. I’m running 37x12.5x17 Mickey Thomsons on stock rubicon wheels with spidertrax 1.75” spacers. It’s working great and I like the...
  13. Moab Night Run

    Has anyone done either gold spike from the Gemini bridges end, or metal masher, at night? Doable with good lights?
  14. 3.6 Rear motor mount bolt removal

    Has anyone needed to remove these? They go into a welded nut, and are removed from the top. As part of a skid install, I need to replace the rear mount’s inner bolt with a longer one. The skid mounting bracket then attaches using the extra length of bolt below the mount, with another nut and...
  15. Colorado WTB - OEM Rear LED Taillights w/ Blind Spot Sensors.

    Please let me know if anyone who has switched these out for aftermarket, would like to sell theirs. Thanks in advance.
  16. Warn Bumper Touch-up

    I finally hit my Warn Elite bumper and matching sway bar disco skid plate on some rocks. Does anyone have a good SPECIFIC suggestion for a paint that matches the Warn matte black powder coat pretty well? Yes, I already asked Warn. They suggested black, no more specific. Thanks in advance. Just...
  17. Colorado Rubicon Take Off Parts

    Sold - $675 - 5 Falken Wildpeak 285/70 R17 AT’s. Great condition w/ 12k miles. Includes steel spare wheel with mounted tire. Spare wheel and tire have zero miles. $150 - Rubicon Sliders, no dents. One scratch on passenger side unit. Just needs touch up. All hardware included. $300 - Rubicon...
  18. Colorado 255/45 R20 Continental CrossContact LX Sport Set of 4 - 2022 Like New

    Almost brand new set of 4 high performance tires. 2022 model year. Taken off of new 2022 Volvo. 1,250 miles on the tires. No damage whatsoever. These are as perfect as used tires can be. These sell new for $215-$225 per tire. Asking $175 per tire with such low miles on them. Taken off on snowy...
  19. Portable Winch For Rear

    I’m thinking seriously about adding a rear winch to my setup. I’m very happy with my front winch, but would like an option to self recover from the rear. I want it to be removable and portable, as I don’t want to swap my rear bumper, and I want to be able to use it for the off-road trailer if...