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  1. Nilight LED Bed Light Strip Install

    Does the kit advertise how much power those lights use? I for one would be a bit worried about those lights pulling way too much amperage than what that bed light circuit was designed for.

    I bought a second hand Classic cap, but if I were buying new I'd get the Evolve since you can have the rear glass unlock with the vehicle keyless remote. They really are fairly similar besides that and the rear window being frameless.
  3. Drivers door lock switch has stopped working

    What was the issue/fix? Links to any threads?
  4. Drivers door lock switch has stopped working

    If you didn't touch the door harness, I'd bring it to the dealership and let them figure it out. Might be a loose/bad connection that you *could* try to track down but that's what the warranty is for.
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    The temporary fix is for the user to remove the wireless function by cutting out the internal battery (which gets you a $100 warn.com gift card), but eventually they'll still be sending out a new weatherproof wireless remote to replace ALL old remotes, even the ones that users removed the battery.
  6. NEW! Elite Series JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator LED Headlights from Diode Dynamics

    For far better warranty and customer service alone, yes. Colorshift to me is a gimmick, and I'm personally not a fan of the transformer "eye" look of the Oracle ones. Not to mention the added functionality these have on the "Max" version. Personally, I just want the base version but even those...
  7. Trying to decide which model to get for my first. Wrangler or Gladiator.

    Now I'm just waiting for the day I notice her blue hooks on your blue JT.
  8. Thinking of getting a Gladiator. Sport or Mojave?

    He may have meant the Rubicon rock rails too, though you're spot on as far as the belly skids.
  9. Thinking of getting a Gladiator. Sport or Mojave?

    As others mentioned, if it being a "truck" is important take a look at the payload/towing tables as they actually vary quite a bit between trims. If you're looking to eek out every bit of legal payload/towing, max tow is the best bet but it may ride a bit harsher due to the purpose built...
  10. Trying to decide which model to get for my first. Wrangler or Gladiator.

    Wrangler pros: better turning/maneuverability in city setting, easier to park Takes up less space in a garage Better off-road (shorter wheelbase, better break over angle) Classic wrangler look, hugely popular Gladiator pros: Way more storage (better for families) Longer wheelbase means more...
  11. A Jeep Tech, Mechanic, & JT owner answers reliability questions

    Yeah, I'm personally not buying that. That's an average of over a 1000 miles each and every day. Assume an average speed of 65 mph and that's over 15 hrs of drive time per day. Seems like a horrible vehicle to choose to drive that much unless it's testing specifically put on my MOPAR to...
  12. Roll Bars Price

    Might be a tough sell, agree that drilling holes in the bed isn't too desirable for a whole lot of people for something that's mostly cosmetic. I'd probably throw it on for sale sites for $500 and see if anyone bites.
  13. Warn Winch Recall

    How many days after submitting? Waiting patiently for my confirmation currently.
  14. Jeep Releases Off Road Group for Gladiator Sport

    Anyone know what the "upgraded" suspension consist of? Sit a bit taller, softer springs, etc?
  15. Rock light tapped courtesy lights blink

    Could be several things: - different rock lights brands, qty of lights, and how you wire them (series/parallel) can draw vastly different loads on the circuit. - different vehicle trim levels have different available wires to tap (sport/sport S don't have the courtesy lights at all) - vehicle...
  16. Rock light tapped courtesy lights blink

    This isn't all necessarily true. Depending on the rock lights, they could draw several amps, and there are relays that can draw around half an amp. If the circuit is monitored by the vehicles computers and cutting power due to the high draw, this could fix that issue. Depending on the...
  17. Rock light tapped courtesy lights blink

    If you use a relay it'll just use a small amount of electrical draw from the courtesy light circuit to enable a second completely separate circuit from the battery...this gets you your 12v supply and as much current as your lights need without potentially overloading the foot well light circuit...
  18. Rock light tapped courtesy lights blink

    Could your issues just be that the vehicle is seeing the increased power draw on the foot well light circuit (due to your rock lights) and is cutting power since it's getting overloaded and trying to protect itself? I'd try to set up a relay circuit so that the foot well lights just activate a...
  19. This has to be the most simple part to find

    Looks like you only need the front passenger kickpanel cover that @Lunentucker posted above, there's no plastic cover on the back passenger side location of the hardtop (no wiring connectors there to hide).
  20. This has to be the most simple part to find

    Re read part B of his question. "There is also not a similar panel on the rear passenger door at the hard top bolt. Should there be one there?" I guess it's up for debate which one he's actually referring to here.