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  1. Winch disconnect switch?

    A disconnect switch is always recommended. I put one on mine. The cables are big and direct to the battery so if one of them has an issue it can easily do a lot of damage or burn the whole thing up/down. I have plans to actually switch it out to a relay controlled by a switch inside. I have...
  2. I've never been much on the "Angry Turds" grill.

    Not my style either
  3. NOx code, egr replace @29k

    If I was also thinking if this engine we're talking about has parts sooted up that bad and that soon, what does the rest of the engine look like that didn't get replaced? There's lots of parts pieces and passages.
  4. NOx code, egr replace @29k

    All of them. It's just a matter of time till the next version will gets it's history of failures. They didn't make hardly any changes to each version, and certainly no physical changes that will make the bottom ends any differnt. They are being discontinued this month. Sure the marketing...
  5. NOx code, egr replace @29k

    If you ever look at some Ram truck stuff with the eco diesel you would get rid of yours and never own one again. I had one and it was a complete disaster. I beleive the engine itself is very good, but the emissions on it absolutly kills it. I've seen engines taken apart that had the entire...
  6. Looking for the Right Bumper

    I was concearned about that in the beginning, but it doesn't. I've watched temps and I haven't seen any affect al all.
  7. Rock light tapped courtesy lights blink

    You probably are getting 12 volts on the flash, but your meter like most is not fast enough to catch it
  8. Looking for the Right Bumper

    I went with this plate and there is no need for another bumper or changing lights. It was a very easy install and it allows more room between the winch and grill. https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-90205.htm...
  9. Beyond pissed

    I won't buy anything from an individual anymore.
  10. What’s behind the glove box? Stolen Jeep

    I would be that when your jeep was stolen, one of the things they did was to pull the glove box open to see what they can find and it fell onto the floor. Then by the time you got it back, it's gone. Or is it there and just not put back yet?
  11. No diff drain plugs?!

    I don’t know how well the bottom end can be inspected by taking off the oil pan on these engines Were not talking engines here, its a discussion on draining the diff. Thats a big DIFFerence. Taking the cover off to inspect IS something you should always do, and you can clearly see the wear...
  12. Need advice on what is needed

    take that stuff off the bed and store it until you actually need it. Agreed. I try to not haul around as much stuff unless I need to. And EVERY, did I say EVERY? oil change, I rotate, clean, air up and inspect my tires. I've had heavy trucks with 90k on tires when I sold it and they are...
  13. No diff drain plugs?!

    It's always best to take the cover off and do an inspections and a feel for anything large. That's why they stopped putting drains in trans pans years ago. Of coruse draing and changing the trans fluid in modern trans's have become a stupiud process for another discussion.
  14. Galveston Tx Beach Driving

    Had a long weekend, so I'm just now getting back to this. I'll be in Galveston to do a dock tour of the Texas, so that will be my main goal. I'm going to get a room for Saturday night so I can be at he Gulf Copper place bright and early and rested. The Saturday before is when I'll have a short...
  15. Galveston Tx Beach Driving

    Do I need one of the access passes they sell all over to go to the pass area?
  16. Galveston Tx Beach Driving

    In Febuary, I got a ticket to go see the Battleship Texas on a drydock tour (can't wait). While I'm there, I'd like to get some beach driving in. Has anyone done this (of course someone has, stupid question). Any tips and places or permits that I need to know about? San Luis pass area looks...
  17. Do front doors open wide enough?

    When Installing my brake controller, it was so easy due to the door opening wider than anything I've ever owned before.
  18. Do front doors open wide enough?

    Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. That's what FaceBook is for
  19. Do front doors open wide enough?

    There's always someone going to be complaining about something. Even is you hang them with a new rope.