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  1. What hitch ball mount and shank to buy

    This will be my first time trailering anything. I'm moving from Delaware to Arizona. I will be trailering a Uhaul 5x8 single axle. I'll have my motorcycle in it which is about 700 pounds. I Have a two inch lift on the Launch Edition jeep. I need to know what size/ball mount/shank to buy. Do i...
  2. Infotainment glitch

    So I just took my Gladiator in for a service, all went well. But I told them I had an issue with the infotainment screen. This past Saturday it just turned off while driving. It's the second time it's happened. They told me the newer vehicles are having an across the board problem. So they're...
  3. Speaker swap

    I just replaced the 3 1/2 inch speakers in the dash and the sound bar with some Kenwood 50 watt kfc's. Even though i have the 8.4 screen with the upgraded sound system, the speakers are only 15 watts The Kenwood's are a direct fit giving the system some high end quality since the other speakers...
  4. Mounting GMRS antenna

    Looking for the best place to mount a GMRS antenna. I know i saw a bracket somewhere to mount it to the trail rail system, but not finding it. Does anyone know of one. Or if you have a better place to mount it, please let me know. Post pictures and links if you have info to share.
  5. CB or Ham, the better route?

    Trying to figure out which is the better way to go. Opinions please.
  6. Steering wheel recall

    Has anyone heard of this, due to the heated element failure?
  7. Jeep Patch

    Anyone know where i can find a large jeep patch to put on the back of a denim jacket, at least 7 or 8 inches across?
  8. Numbered LE

    Are the LE's numbered, and if so is there a way to find out my number?