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  1. Oracle DRL bulb caution.

    I just installed the bi-oculus lights. They are awesome. I installed oracle fog lights. They are awesome. I also installed new turn signal bulbs and DRL bulbs. The DRL bulbs are awesome when the lights are on. Unfortunately, when the headlights are off, the DRL's are off too unless parking...
  2. How to clean between bed and cab?

    Any ideas how to clean the spot between the bed and the cab? When I look into that area it's filthy but I can't fit my hand there.
  3. No position or altitude on off-road pages

    I was playing with my off-road pages. On the screen that shows pitch and roll there's a spot for altitude and GPS position. They are blanked out. Are those working on anyone else's?
  4. MRSP price drop

    According to the build tool, the MRSP has dropped significantly on the sport s I bought. It looks like the 8.4 inch radio is cheaper now (they don't charge for the 7" also). My sticker on my jeep is $48250. On the build tool, it's barely $45,000. They are advertising with employee pricing...
  5. Dealer fee?

    I have a sheet from the dealer saying: $799.99 Dealer Fees and Services. There's a note that says it's for inspecting, adjusting, and preparing new and used vehicles and prepping the documents. Is this normal? Also being charged $159.95 for e-filing and $501 for license, title, and...
  6. Finance interest rate?

    What interest rate are you guys getting for financing? Website says 3.7 percent. That seems really high given the fact that FED rates are near 0. Assume perfect credit. Should I line up my own financing before showing up? Financing $30,000.
  7. Rebate gone

    $2000 rebate gone. Looks like it hasn't been replaced with anything. That sucks. I ordered my jeep in middle of January. Dealer told me I could pay 6 percent under invoice plus whatever incentives were available when I get it. I tried to buy it yesterday, but he said I couldn't since my...
  8. Considering Ram

    I have only had 2 cars my entire life (a 1993 yj and my current 2002 tj). I have been driving my current 2002 Wrangler Sahara since I bought it new. I'm on the fence between a Gladiator and a loaded Ram. This should be an easy decision as I'm a jeep guy, but the gladiator price and lack of...
  9. Classic but good one

    Husband: My wife is missing. She went to rescue people from the flood yesterday and has not come home... Sergeant at Police Station: What is her height? Husband: Gee, I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall. Sergeant: Weight? Husband: Don't know. Not slim, not really fat. Sergeant...