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  1. How it started...and how it's going. Post yours!

    Traded in the LR4 on Mojave… Not one regret. 11/21 3/22 10/22
  2. UPDATE: Check Engine light

    thanks for this info. They didn’t share any details with me as they initially tried to blame the Tazer… but it was a no start after flash driving the PCM replacement call from whoever they called at corporate. And agree with other post… 90 pound brain you got there!
  3. UPDATE: Check Engine light

    Good question… I will find out and post.
  4. UPDATE: Check Engine light

    Went to get service on my ‘21 JTM at dealer today, they said they had a recall to perform requiring software update. I let them go ahead and do it…. Big mistake as it resulted in bricking the PCM. DON’T LET THEM DO THE RECALL UNTIL THEY FIGURE OUT THE ISSUE! I did get a loaner, from...
  5. Lift questions for Mojave

    What’s the consensus on ReadyLift? I am about 94% sold on the AEV 2” spacer lift… but always window shopping. https://www.readylift.com/jt-gladiator-mojave-4-terrain-flex-max.html
  6. Lift questions for Mojave

    I just saw this and plan to hop on the zoom. I guess I will see if you push…
  7. CavFab JT BedRack Group Buy Opportunity

    I’m in for one if you get enough interested. I am local enough to pick up once complete and am the customer you were speaking to. Thanks!
  8. Please help me choose wheels for my Mojave! I'm too dumb to understand offset!

    Thanks! Do you know what the stock backspace measurement is?
  9. Please help me choose wheels for my Mojave! I'm too dumb to understand offset!

    Dumb question, but this is a negative offset to get the wheel away from the bigger shocks…. Correct?